Tuesday, April 4, 2017


                                       LOTUS BY SECRET GARDEN................
                                                                        the song 

                         I was listening to when I wrote this poem......

Clouds of Purple

Never did I think that it would go this far
This madness of the heart
This mind seduction
And wildness of the blood,
I only thought to love you with my eyes.

I only thought…..........

But it was beyond my control
I know that now
I made the mistake
Of letting you touch my skin

Your hand met my forearm
As I stood there in the marketplace
Perusing silks and satins
Testing their softness around my wrists
And imagining it was you.

Let me buy this for you, you whispered
And all the world fell silent
And was populated by the two of us
Standing alone in the vanishing crowd

I gave in to longing.............
A willing captive to your touch,
As I whirled and entangled us
In clouds of purple.

©By Voo
Nov 3, 07