Sunday, March 5, 2017


Friday Night,  Corner Table

Friday night
Corner table
And you.

I'm so nervous
That I'll say something
Do something
Feel something

Your eyes 
Shine over my face
Like sparkles on the ocean
Like a man on a mission.

Cheers, you say
And I nod,
Raise my glass,
Clink and let the champagne
Glide it's way down my thirsty throat.

Are you happy?
I'm caught off guard
And I blink and laugh a small laugh
As the bubbles tickle my nose
And I feel your fingers on my wrist.

The band starts,
The busboy takes the dishes away
All the while smiling
And staring at me in my sequins
And freshly curled hair.

You signal 
For more wine
Unless you want something more potent?
You query and I shake my head
No, thank you, I've had more than enough.

I turn my chair
Towards the stage
But you catch my arm
And turn me back to you
Not yet, you say, not just yet.

And we sit there
Watching one another
Wondering in low light
Swimming in questions
Drowning in song.

After three pieces, fast and slow
The maestro stops 
Holds up his hand and says
We have a special request
From the gentleman at the corner table.

He wants to know
If the girl of his dreams,
The lovely lady with the pretty curls,
The woman that's sitting there tonight,
Will be his wife?

And I gasp
And put my hand to my mouth
As you slip a ring onto my other. Will you?
You ask with your heart in your eyes. Will you be mine? 
But I am speechless.

This was going to be our last date
I had decided. I was tired of waiting.....
Our last date. I had been trying to find the words
But if you never read this poem, I guess
That's something that you'll never know.

by Voo
Feb 17, 08
4:45 p.m. 

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