Monday, March 6, 2017


Song of The Anguished

I was dreaming under water
With delusion all around
While the bones of dying blackbirds
Cried their last and hit the ground.

I was thinking of my true love
Whom I've yet to meet and touch
I was running toward a yearning
That my heart still loves so much.

On the hill there stood a gallows
With a noose tied just below
So the hanged man died there quickly
Before he had the time to know.

If the pain of death was hurtful
Or if he died from just his fear
It was quick and it was awful
And it left it's terror here.

Running from my waking nightmare
Running to my future fate
I was thirsty, I was hungry
But my life's an empty plate.

Tantalizing with her fragrance
Seduction was her favorite game
And she wound herself around me
Said I'd never be the same.

And that's true, I was a new man
And it's true, I was reborn
In her passion and her beauty
That soon shredded me with scorn.

The things I've done, I cannot tell you
The things I did, I hate to think
As I followed her to quicksand
As she stood and watched me sink.

Love is like a burning ember
Love is like a dying coal
Fires of joy and Eden's promise
Before the flames burn up your soul.

I have walked the ancient desert
I have climbed the mountain tall
I was young and strong and worthy
Before the stumble and the fall.

There, a hero to my mother
Then, a friend to my best friend
And a brother to my brother
Till the dark and bitter end.

Oh, sweet heaven, rain upon me!
Oh, sad sun, shine on my face!
Hangman of Hell, open this lock now!
Let me leave this cursed place!

I will run the roads forever
Show the blind man how to see
Teach the deaf and dumb and foolish
Not to ever follow me.

If you wake me from this nightmare
If you calm my screaming eyes
If you hush the dying ravens
So I cannot hear their cries.

I will seek out newer pathways
Leave the old ones far behind
If you re-turn my life to me
If you'll give me back my mind.

Yes, I'll sign your bloody papers
Yes, I'll stop my sad refrain
Yes, I'll do what you ask of me
No, no more will I complain.

Ah, much better, so much better
Peaceful now, it is so quiet
I can barely see the gallows
All I see is tinted light.

Breathing now, I take a deep one
But I cannot then exhale
I breathe in such warmth and sweetness
But cold is all I can expell.

Dreaming deep beneath the water
And the nightmare of this place
I make my last deal with the Hangman
For one more glimpse of her face.

by Voo

Sept 30, 2012
9:45 p.m.