Thursday, January 19, 2017


No Such Thing as a Happy Prophet

No such thing as a happy prophet
Not many carefree godly scribes
Sad is the seer who watches the sinner
Profit from wine that the world imbibes.

Lamentations fill the mouth of the prophet
Woe and sorrow fill the heart of the man
Who's been called of God to say to the nations:
The world cannot save you. Only God can.

The watchmen, vigilant, on the walls see the danger
Encroaching the cities, encircling the Earth
They signal to brothers who signal to others
Who don't grasp the safety of the new birth.

The shepherd's heart that loves his flock
Is often broken, often ill
He weeps on knees so scarred with kneeling
And cares for the lost when no one else will.

The hireling comes, the hireling goes
Bent by desire for gold and fame
While the called of God go 'round un-noticed
And only God can recall their name.

The narrow path is far less travelled
For only righteous feet trod there
While on the wide and worldly highway
The feet of fools run every where.

God never said there'd be no sorrow
When He called us to Him, girl and boy
He only promised that if we served Him
One day that sorrow would turn to joy.

He will not let us live in isolation
And curse the lost ones who love the night
We must reach out in God's compassion
And love them to Him and be their light.

And though they stone us and rail against us
And though they kill us with their words
Some few or thousand may find salvation
In the anguished sermons that their hearts have heard.

We cannot turn our eyes away
We cannot let our ears go deaf
We cannot refuse to preach that Gospel
But preach until we've no tongue left.

There's no such thing as a "happy" prophet
For we cannot rest till the race is won
And this world will never love or embrace us
But oh, the love that waits beyond!!!!!

Oh, Lord, the Love that waits beyond.......

©By Voo
Feb 16, 2016
2:36 a.m.