Saturday, February 11, 2017


A Million Miles

Last night I drove a million miles
And kept my mind on you
Seeing no scenes off the road
As darkness took the blue.

Feeling like a hungry man
With nothing left to eat
The car wheels seemed to turn so slow
And couldn't match my feet.

I wanted to get out and run
I wanted to get home
To take you in my loving arms
And be with you alone.

But miles and miles lay in between
With miles and miles to go
And I sang softly to our songs
On the radio.

I guess I never realized
How much a heart can break
Until I ran away from love
And the depth that love can take.

When your voice on the telephone
Asked me to come back
I had to get my crazy self
On the homeward track.

The night skies sang above my head
The moon held out her hand
And all I knew was I was yours
And a new and better man.

I saw your face in the headlights glow
I heard your laughter ring
I passed through town and country side
And didn't see a thing.

For loving you was all I sought
And all my soul could bear
Needing you to be needing me
And to see you standing there.

Forgiveness is not so hard to ask
When the shards of pride no longer
Pierce the flesh of stubborness
It only makes you stronger.

But I have learned and I have grown
And I have come to see
That only God and your sweet love
Can set this grown man free.

I'm pulling into our drive way
And it is almost dark
I see the glow behind the drapes
From the scented candles' sparks.

I hear the song we always danced
To on those special nights 
Throw open the door with a heart determined
To change all the wrongs to rights.

And there you are, with no questions asked
No if, or and, or maybe
And a million miles just fade away
And I'm dancing with my baby.

©by Voo
April 02, 2012
2:54 a.m.

                                       DANCING WITH MY BABY BY THE 
                                                    GREAT JOHNNY REID.............



The angel stood there in the dark
Peace about him fell
His eyes so full of light and love
He lit the halls of hell

Such mercy in his hands I saw
Such grace, and tender touch
That guardian angel sent from God
Whom we both love very much.

©by Voo
July 3, 07

(face by Mark)


And We Had Secrets

(And we had secrets
Like diamonds wrapped in newspapers
Carried under eager arms,
As we ran through our lives,
Hampered not by sun or storm,
To shadows full of bliss.

For it was there
In shadows, gray
That nothing cruel could find us,
Nothing cold could touch our souls
Nor quench the hungry kiss.)

There, in shadow,
The dark unseen,
No illumination shown
Our hands, our eyes
Would find the prize
Our hearts had never known.

Concrete jungles,
Asphalt gardens,
And no bed in which to sleep,
You stole the stars
Out of the sky
And gave to me to keep.

Love letters written,
In graffiti sprayed
On cars and bars and walls,
Two runaways
With no where to stay,
Answering no other calls.

Two wild hearts beating
Like crippled birds
That don't know that they're lame
We soared and flew,
Just me and you,
So different, yet the same.

We vowed to stay forever
On the streets where we ran free
Hiding from schools and rules and homes
Where we did not want to be.

Homes, where your father
And my father and us
Lived in our lies
Full of hate and mistrust.

But you grew weary
And I grew up
And made my way back home
I left the anarchy of my youth,
And you, I left alone.

Rebellion has an emptiness
And it's voids that you can't fill
But the future calls us from the past
Where the memories live on, still.

I sit behind a law firm's desk
With employees all around me
And I look up and see your face
For once again, you've found me.

A business man
In Armani suit,
With a woman and a child
There in your wallet,
And in your past,
And my heart goes running wild.

My eyes can't seem 
To look away
And yours can't seem to meet
For if they do, I know it's true
They'll sweep me off my feet.

"So nice to see you."
I hear you say
"Just wanted to say hello,
I've just made partner
And I've got the office
Across from yours, you know."

I turn and look out
Of the glass
Rain splashed, bereft of sun,
I don't know what to do or say
And I don't know where to run.

For running's all 
I've ever done,
For many lonely years
Away from you, away from me
Rebelling back the tears.

They say that you cannot go home
No matter how many tries,
But the only home I've ever known
Lies hiding in your eyes.

And I know that
And you know that
As I turn and try to smile
"So kind of you to think of me,
Won't you visit for a while?"

But you shake your head
And back away
And make a quick retreat
"I've got to move all my things in."
A mistake then:  Our eyes meet.

Slow motion waves
Of memory,
Of days and nights in love,
Running hand in hand
With naught
But Heaven up above.

We drown in loss
And deep regret
In pain and passion's lure
We sink in sickness, knowing, both,
That passion is the cure.

And people stare,
Until we blink
And pull our eyes away
As decades pass before our eyes
Like they only were a day.

No one could know the history,
No one could guess the truth,
That the two of us had ever been
Punkrockgothic, reckless youth.

Now days have flown
Since you've moved in
And caused my life such bother
You're moving up and doing well
Working for my father.

It's funny how our lives turn out
It's strange how things can change
How in one moment all our plans
Come undone and rearranged.

We are so careful with one another
When we meet, we do not touch
We look away and try not to say
What our hearts still say so much.

Today, I came back 
In from lunch
To find my desk, askew
A  graffiti note lay in the mess
Spray painted, neon blue.

And only I
And only you
Could know what that note meant
And only I could know the one
From whom that note was sent.

(And we have secrets
Like diamonds wrapped in newspapers
Carried under eager arms,
As we run through our lives,
Hampered not by sun or storm,
To shadows full of bliss.

For it is there
In shadows, gray
That nothing cruel can find us,
Nothing cold can touch our souls
Nor quench the hungry kiss.)

And we have secrets
And they have us
And at the end of every day,
From my father's eyes,
And to our surprise,
We still run away.

©by Voo
Jan 22, 2012
1:42 a.m.

           Run Away by Jefferson Starship


And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

Black rain gleaming
Down silver glassed panes
Reflections echoing memory
And youth's delusions, we,

Drink our pasts like water
Hoping for resurrection
For futures bright as tinfoil,
As the thunder whispers by.

Where were the moons of Jupiter
When we needed light?
Where were the knives of Caesar
When we needed to be cut free?

Why do the young fight and die?
When the old ones start the wars
It is not our fight
It is not our fight, but theirs to lose.

And we, the young, awaiting our turns, at attention, stand
Surveying the valleys of chaos,
Watching torn curtains flutter at remnants of windows,
Sifting through dreams to see what can be saved.

But there is no beauty in war
Not even in victory
For victory comes by death
And death is no ending at all.

Death is a dandelion bursting
Blowing in the wind of the world
There, and there, and there, it drifts
And never can be gathered.

Where were the grains of wheat
When we were starving?
Where fell the dew of Spring
When thirst consumed our tongues?

We are too young to learn
And too old to care
They have taken out our hearts
And replaced them with machines.

Look at us, dead on our feet
And cannot fall down
As our weary eyes go on living
Even as they wait to fall.

Standing on our high rise clouds
Looking for signs,
Reflections staring from a million pasts
Into a handful of futures.

See the world and what it is
Down there, torn past mending?
It is a sad and mournful thing
That started out so bright.

We are the young, now old before our time
And when we are gone,
There'll be no one left
To tell them of the joy.

And so, the night comes
With it's echoes and delusions
It's unfelt tears streaming from ravaged eyes
That have seen too much, that have hoped too much.

All our little revolutions, quashed,
Our anarchies, vanquished,
Our utopias, conquered, by jackbooted heels
We stand helpless at the windows of the world.

Till there is nothing left to be
And there is nothing left to see
But the dying of distant fires and ancient dreams
And black rain gleaming down silver glassed panes.

©by Voo
Aug 22, 09


All The Wild Horses

All the wild horses
Out on the range
Running in freedom
Where freedom's not strange.

All the wild horses
Their manes in the wind
Knowing not what's right or wrong
Or called sin.

All the wild horses
Through mountains and streams
Run in reality
Like we do in dreams.

All the wild horses
The black and the gray
The white and the brown
At the end of the day.

All the wild horses
Wherever they roam
Like us, all wild horses
Still need to come home.

©by Voo
April 30, 2011
9:49 p.m.