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FOR A TIME a collab with Voo and Andy

For A Time

He opens his eyes
And sees that the sun has been awake for hours
He stares around the dimly lit room
And watches the dust particles dancing
Across the sunbeams that leak through the curtains.

The night is slowly coming back to him
He sees a woman kissing him and she's naked
But he can't make out the face, only the lips
And he tightly closes his eyes.

She walks out of the bathroom, smiling
Moving gracefully like the dust, into the hall
Standing in the doorway, she looks at him
Like she's daring him to come taste her lips.

He thinks about morning breath
And what he might eat for breakfast
He wonders whether or not he really likes this woman
But he decides to touch her anyway.

And, for a time, he's in love.

But reality sets in about three o'clock
And he just wants her gone
He wants his football game and his rum and coke
And his bachelorhood back.

He doesn't know how to tell her to go
She's wearing one of his shirts and smiling
The bedroom looks like a cyclone hit it
And it doesn't look like she's about to straighten up.

Didn't you say you had a cat to feed?
He finally comes up with
And she gives him this funny look and stands up
And goes into the bathroom, slamming the door.

When she comes out, she's dressed
Her makeup is great, her hair is brushed and full
Her jeans are tight and she's filling out that sweater like a pinup girl
Damn! She looks good! What was I thinking, he asks himself.

And, for a time, he's in love.

Well, I'll get out of your hair, she says, pouting
It's obvious you've had your fun and you want me gone
No, no, it's not like that, he fumbles and puts out his hand
But she backs away and says, Don't touch me and leaves.

Two days later, it's Sunday afternoon
He's lying there on the couch watching t.v. and he's bored
I wonder...? he says out loud and then answers himself, No
Don't you dare call that girl.

He can't even remember her face
But he sure does remember those jeans
The more he thinks about them, the wilder he gets
Until he can't take it anymore and picks up the phone.

Two hours later, a girl knocks on the door
And he's so excited he can't think straight
He's cleaned the house, lit some candles, put on some music
He even shaved and changed shirts just for her.

Damn, you look good, baby!
He murmurs as she walks in and hugs him
I can't tell you how much I've missed you and thought about you
Me, too, she says and takes off her sweater.

And, for a time, he's in love.

Will you stay the night? he asks almost shyly
I know I was kinda cold the last time you were here
But I've thought about it and I think I really love you, Linda
Do you? the girl asks. That's good. But I'm Linda's friend, Lorraine.

Damn! He slaps his hand against his forehead
Why didn't I know it wasn't the same girl?
What's wrong with me, am I really that shallow?
But he looks her up and down and says, I am so over Linda, you have no idea.

Two days later, he's drumming his fingers on the table
Looking at her eating her cornflakes
And he thinks: I have morning breath but I don't care
The honeymoon is over and I don't even remember the wedding.

Three weeks down the road
He's so lonesome he could cry
He goes into a bar, orders a drink, looks around
Sees a pair of tight jeans and he's in love again.

For a time.

collab by Andy and Voo
November 08





                                  I'm a Creep instrumental  lol

Men..............talkin bout men!!!!!!!!  lol lol


Hell Behind The Door

As I lay dying, I thought
I thought………
Surely not
Surely it’s not going to end
Not like this.

But then, life had long ceased
Being a sunrise………
On my cold heart
More a constant setting
And a continual twilight.

Reaching back into memory,
I pulled you to the forefront…….
Cleared the cobwebs
And dusty dreams
Strewn like spoils of war.

I stood you there
Before my face……….
And silently opened your eyes
Those beautiful things
That still take my breath away.

No, I can’t do it, not now
I can’t bear your seeing……
What I’ve become,
What I remain,
Until the last breath whispers to silence.

Shuttering my eyes
With fragile hands……
I sink into the cobalt blue
Of lonely bed clothes
And pillows where no head but mine has lain.

Where does love go
When it dies……..
And how does it come back
When it is beckoned?
Only God knows.

The lace at the window sways,
And air that stirs the gloom……
Finds no place to rest
And soon departs,

Not even the breeze
Is my friend…………
Not even the nightingale
Sings for me now
For I am condemned.

This prison I have made,
With my own hands……..
Clings to my skin like melted silver,
Shackles my soul,
With invisible chains.

Soon, they will come for me
And I will leave this place…….
Going beyond the shadows
To a vineyard beyond memory,
Where the memories of my mind will be wrung dry.

Or so they tell me,
But I don’t know……..
For the guards are all liars
And murderers and thieves
Like me.

Even though I lived in beauty,
And sat in splendor’s lap…….
I am a liar
But even still I grasp at life
While death runs through my hands.

You were the only thing,
I’ve ever loved……..
You were the only love
I did not steal
But the only love I could not keep alive.

Tossing and turning now,
I burn in my need for hope………
But hope does not come,
Is elusive, even in my dreams,
And turns it’s face and runs.

I feel my life slipping away,
Through my veins and out…….
Into the silkened sheets
And darkness
Waving goodbye to me by lantern light.

Renewed in death,
I find myself again in youth……
A perfect flower, blooming, fair
Strong on my feet, I twirl in mystery
Around and around, in the cold still air.

I see the lock turn,
Hear the chains fall away………
And the door slowly opens
I take a breath that burns my lungs
And approach my long sought freedom.

Perhaps I’ll find you there,
Somewhere in another life waiting……..
Forgiveness shining in your eyes
And tenderness in your touch
Oh, love, to know the taste of love once more!!

To start anew,
To make you want me…….
Like I did so long ago
A queen with royal scepter raised
As men bowed at my feet.

I feel the rush of pride and power,
Overtaking, pulling me……..
No prisoner now,
I feel the guilt
Falling from my shoulders.

All the years of living with myself,
Knowing what I was.……..
I am...... and more
From life to death, I pass 
But to my horror:
Find nothing there but Hell behind the door.

©by Voo
March 19, 2012
11:11 p.m.


Incredible song that they are dancing to.....
In Line by Robert Skoros

Dancing To a Slow Death

Darkness falls
And with it........
The hunger
The longing for a soft caress,
A tender touch, a hard embrace,
Building to a violent need
And release of what’s inside.

You watch me
From the shadows.........
Still as wind that does not blow
And rain that does not fall
Waiting like a cat with prey
Playing with it’s dinner.

And I, with my defenses down
On full alert.......
Dance in the mirror
In candle’s glow
And summer’s rising heat
Pretending I am quite alone
But knowing you are there.

In silks, I twirl
My body......
Like a breeze
Move my hands in beckoning
And my feet in silent pleas
The music swells and I can feel
Your dark eyes touch my skin.

Beyond the room
In midnight’s garden.....
Behind the trees and shining moon
Your black hair laying 
Upon your shoulders,
Your black eyes glowing,
And tasting me.

I turn at your whisper
And there you are.....
In the doorway like a dream that comes
Before the break of dawn
Clad in black from head to toe
With white touches at your throat
And the sight of you makes me weak.

“Don’t fall yet.” you say
And catch me..........
In arms of steel
“The night is young and so are you,
And the sun is fast asleep.”
And you hold me till I catch my breath
Then you take it away again.

Wetting my mouth with wine
I drink............
Knowing that wine can’t satisfy
The thirst I have, have always had
Since I laid my eyes on you,
Since I put my hands on you,
Since I gave myself to you.

The music commands
And we obey.........
My arms round your shoulders
Your arms round my waist
The room awash in shades of gold,
Like the flickering fire
That’s building between us.

I know you will leave me
Before the sun rises........
As you always have
And you always will
But for now in your eyes
Is all I’ll ever need, is all I’ll ever want
And the sunlight be damned.

Midnight passes
And we stand still as stone.......
Drown in the yearning, die in desire
Lifting my face, I wait for your kiss
Burning with hunger that can never be quenched
The shadows of night put their soft arms around us
And to the music of passion, we slow dance again.

©By Voo
Sept 15, 10
12:32 a.m.