Saturday, May 13, 2017


 Some body's Always Saying Goodbye by Anne Murray

Always Sayin' Goodbye


I watch you walkin' away 
Like you tryin' not to break into a run 
And Lord, a- mercy! I feel like screamin' out your name 
But I don't dare, I don't dare
'Cause I know you can't stand no clinging vine. 

"You and me got us a good thang going." you always say 
Five seconds after you step inside that door 
Just before you grab me up in your arms 
And kiss me like a man just got outta prison 
But that ain't what you say when you walkin' away.

Sometimes I stand out here on the front porch 
When the evenin' is hot and I got the blues so bad 
I just wanna sit and cry my eyes out 
But I come out here and I watch that road and I hope
And I pray and I wish on ever God-Almighty star in that dark heaven.

Wishin' you'd come a-boundin' up that old weedy path
Smilin' that smile and carryin' that old suitcase 
Full of clothes that need washin' and songs that need singin',
Sayin' how much you missed me and how much you love me
And that you comin' home and this time, you gonna stay.

Nobody knows how bad I hurt but the good Lord 

Nobody sees how knotted up inside I am 
'Cause I don't let on to nobody but myself 
That I'm just fadin' away to dust and mis'ry 
Long as you gone, long as you just a memory.

My daddy left my mama all the time 
Left us standin' on that ramshackle old front porch, cryin' 
"Daddy, don't go! Daddy, come back!"
With our little broken hearts and our little empty stomachs 
But that weren't nothin' compared to this.

Why men always gotta leave??

When they got ever thang anybody could ever want 
Right here at home waitin' on 'em when they walk in the door? 
I never could understand that. I never could see no reason for it
There ain't no love out there in that ole world. 

What I wouldn't give to hear "Hello, baby!" right now 

Comin' outta your sweet mouth 
Feel them big strong arms around me 
And that fine frame of yours pressin' up against me 
Like wallpaper on a livin' room wall.

I reckon "Hello" is just about the most wonderful word in the world 
'Specially when you all alone in that world
And nobody notices when you there or when you not
I just need somebody to notice that, you know?
I need you. Dammit to hell! I need you. 

One of these days, boy, you gonna come home 

And ain't nobody gonna be here to greet you! 
I'm gonna be done dead of a broken heart
Dead and buried and gone up to Glory
What you gonna do then? Huh?

Maybe I'll leave a big sign thumbtacked up in the kitchen
Over the table where I eat my lonely meals, 
Cook up banquets that I know you'll never eat, 
Write long letters to you that I never mail
('Cause I wouldn't know where to mail them to no how.)

All that sign gonna say is Goodbye
That somethin' you an expert on 
Somethin' you know how to do better'n anybody on earth 
Lord, I wish you loved me like I love you but you don't
You say you do........................
But real love couldn't leave nobody like that and go walkin' away
Always sayin' goodbye.


©By Voo
April 24, 09
2 a.m.


Knocking Down the Walls

When I was born,
They didn't know what to do with me
I wasn't an ordinary kid
I liked the extraordinary, the different, the bizarre
I needed things they didn't know how to give me
And yet they loved me with all of  their hearts.

As I grew older, I began to explore
The universe within my self, 
The universe outside my self
The universe beyond myself.

I didn't know where I fit in
Or how to fit in, or if  I fit in,
Or if I ever would fit in
And so I stopped trying to fit in
And I became myself.

The teen aged years were.....
Shall I say, unhinged?
I was a door that didn't know if
I wanted to be open or shut
So I just kind of hung there halfway open,
Halfway shut, half way longing to know
What I didn't know and halfway hoping
That I would never find out.

Because it was a lonely place
Populated by one
Though one with an imaginary community
Of millions, billions, even.........
Of wonderful, awful, fantastic entities
Ambling through my mind 
On their way to some place else.

Most of the time, I felt broken
And broken in a way that no earthly doctor
Could fix
A Borg-like creature from another dimension
With a mechanical brain
And hands that could not touch,
But a human heart that felt oh, so much.

My room, my house, my school, my town
My world...........
Felt small to me and hardly welcoming
A place to exist while I went searching
For the place that felt like home.

I knew too much
And yet never enough
For there was a hunger in me
That nothing could satisfy
And nothing could fulfill
The walls were always so close
I could reach out my hands in the dark
And touch them, touch the ceiling
Touch my own thoughts
As they echoed back and forth to me
In the box that was my life.

But then one day
I learned a secret
And not just any secret
But the secret to me
And what I was and what I would become
And what I would always want to be.

I stood up there one night in the dark
And I took an invisible hammer
And I began to knock down the walls
That held me in, that held me back
And I began to see what I could not see before
Because it was invisible to unseeing eyes
And hidden from unknowing  minds.

I began to hammer away at the tangible
Until I broke through to the intangible
And uncovered the unseen, un-tasted world
That was there all the time beyond a veil
Of thinnest silk, on the other side of my soul.

And I became 
And I became
And I
Out of the box, out of the four walls of a room
Full of emptiness.

And to my wondering eyes, I beheld
Others there like me, others there that had been
Searching all of their lives
For someone to tell them who they were
And why they were and where they were going
And why they were like they were
Some one like me.

And I began to tell them what I knew
And they began to answer questions
I had never asked
But needed desperately to know
And it was wonderful...........
It was the beginning of a new day
And a new world..........
And I flung the door wide open at last
And I walked in.

©by Voo
For my very good old and new friend, J
May 13, 2017
1:41 a.m.

                                           Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch


uNoPeNeD BoXeS

Hearts are like unopened boxes, you see
Packages on Christmas lying under the tree
They're worth more than gold but their contents are free
Hearts are like unopened boxes.

Hearts are like unopened boxes, it's true
There's an unopened box within me, within you
And the box can be golden or be made to turn blue
Hearts are like unopened boxes.

Hearts are like unopened boxes, I think
Empty sometimes or filled to the brink
Cookies from home or some sweet wine to drink
Hearts are like unopened boxes.

Hearts are like unopened boxes, I know
Some full of joyful and some full of woe
Scratched up old records or torn things to sew
Hearts are like unopened boxes.

Hearts are like unopened boxes, that's right
Exposed when they're open, and when closed, dark as night
And only true love can bring the gifts there to the light
Hearts are like unopened boxes.

©By Voo
Jan 06


The Damage You Did To Me

Thinking back on yesterday and all it held in it's hand
Such promise, such hope, such....torment
I can only shake my head in wonder
That I ever believed a single word you said
You silver tongued devil with your savoir faire,
Your joie de vivre, your je ne sais quoi
Your B.S.
I'd like to take your face in my hands
And smash myself into your eyes,
Make you feel the panic I felt
The first time I looked into the mirror
And didn't see you standing there beside me.

Terror even overtook me when I called
Your name and you didn't answer, 
Called your house and another woman
Softly said "Hello."
I thought the world had ended

And nobody told me
But everybody knew I'd been played
And they were laughing in my face
It was hell..................
And I did my time and I survived.

Now undo the damage you did to me
By letting me see you cry and hurt and plead
And die from wanting
I know she left you and that's why you're here
Those wounded eyes are staring into my soul
Searching for consolation and admittance,
Hope reaching out it's hand in tearful silence
Waiting to hear the words you long to hear
Remember yesterday? You ask and I nod my head
And smile. Oh, yes, I remember yesterday, my love
I remember every lovely, bloody thing
And every lovely, bloody lie!
You left me here like damaged goods in the trash heap
Of broken hearts.

Now looking into your sorrowful eyes,
 I feel renewed,
I feel relieved,
I feel reborn 
I remember everything.............
And closing the door in your startled face, 
I hear you gasp and try to speak 
And a moan escapes your throat
As your unbelieving eyes take in my victory
The damage is undone.............
Now take your silver tongue and get the hell out!

© by Voo
 Aug 4, 2005

Friday, May 12, 2017

THE LONG NEON NIGHT one of my all time faves

click on song title to open song
City of Tortured Souls  ****By The Material Objects
it will open in another tab. Play song while reading the poem..
then listen again   and again and again..................
 song by my friend Mark that inspired this write..........bone shaking, dynamite song with the greatest scream I've ever heard in rock..................

 and this is Mark...the screamer, composer and singer of the song

The Long Neon Night

Hissing neon
In the midnight
Hitting me in the face
Between lightning bolts
And the drum roll
Of deep, black thunder.

Can't shut it out
It peeks there
Through the curtains
One inch short of closing
Taunting me with advertisements
Of a better life
Found somewhere down below
In a happy hour bar.

This bed 
Is my hell.
This bed
Is my sanctuary.
I can't leave it
It won't let me.
See how it holds me
In it's dirty sheets?
It's comforter
That gives no comfort?
It's pillows scented
With a thousand other heads?

Over and over
I have this 
Every night
From dusk till dawn
The screaming rising
From sun deprived streets
Up, up to my window
Desolate voices calling
Pleading, asking for things
I cannot give them
And do not want to hear.

Then your face appears
And I exalt 
In momentary joy
As you hover there
Bathed in red neon waters
Beckoning to me
From the top of another
Mildewed motel.
You're always smiling
At least, until 
The fake yellow neon sun
Shows you for what you are.

Down the hall to the left
There's a guy always
Playing the blues
On his guitar
The walls tremble with it
The rodents sing harmony
And the residents curse
And bang on the ceiling
In rhythm to the song
For a moment or two
There's silence.......
And the song begins again.

I no longer know
Which is the dream
And which is my life
I don't know 
How long I've lain here
When I checked in
Or if I'll check out
I don't know
If you ever truly loved me
Or if I made you up
Like some madman's apparition.

Of waking perception 
Make me catch my breath
Sit upright,
And reach out to the empty void
That stretches around the room
Down the hall
And back to me
Carrying nothing
But snippets
Of the blues man's song
And mourning
From the dying day.

I sleep
Hear the screams,
Feel the fear,
Touch the terror,
Taste the tangible,
Smell the soured milk smell
Of love that lived
And withered like a mushroom
In a corner
Of a room
Under a bed
In a thirty story building
On a street that's always crying
In a city of
Tortured souls.


                             ©by Voo, words, images
and Mark,music, face
Feb 20, 08

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Terrorist Attack

They bombed me last night
Coming in out of nowhere
The darkness lighting up with explosions
That caught me by surprise
Blew me to smithereens
And ravaged me.

Emotions falling
Like hand grenades
Detonating on contact, they
Just blew up
Me and my dreams.

Sleep left and panic
Filled in all of the long hours
That had been filled with laughter
And love.

Life changes so fast
And you never see it coming:
The terror. The terrorists
Because you think 
They are your friends.

©by Voo
Jan 1, 2005
 6:07 p.m.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

RULER,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(my American Pie) apocalyptic

The Sounds of Saturn

play both vids at same

(lower the volume on one or both to sound right)

Gregorian Chant...........


Dry leaves sang
And birds came tumbling down
And somewhere a crowd paid
To see the tears of a clown.

To spite the time
A clock refused to chime the hour
But beat as a broken heart
There in the tower.

Somewhere an angel frowned a saddened frown
And rain fell up instead of falling down
Seasons reversed and snow fell in July
And jolly folk that laughed began to cry.

A mother's love turned into hostility
A baby's wail became a silent plea
The world turned upside down and drowned itself
And darkness descended down when sunshine left.

Flowers burst into sprays of weeds and thorns
As night destroyed the coming of the morn
People sang with weapons in their hands
And with deadened eyes, disposed their fellow man.

No laughter rang from happy lips again
As everyone embraced the reign of sin
No mother's son returned from gore of war
And in the land there was no more.

The love of life went back from whence it came
And minds of men went empty and insane
Machines of death rolled, grinding godless gears
And silenced all the children's hopeful tears.

Oceans full of blood gave forth no life
No father loved his children nor man, his wife
But all, they ran to hillside and to cave
To save themselves but no help came to save.

No air, no food, no water left to drink
No love to feel and no thoughts left to think
No hope to calm the fears that rampant ran
And none to save the rotten race of man.

The bombs, they burst in clouds of man made glory
But no song writer lived to tell the story
The puppets ran the world with master's strings
And won it all but then lost everything.

Kings in crowns and palaces of gold
Exchanged these things and more things for their souls
And never once believed that it would end
But be renewed in splendor once again.

They sacrificed their useless little sheep
And took away their minds there in their sleep
They gave away the precious gifts they held
In secret, rang, but no one heard the bell.

The man who came from Heaven ran away
He came to Earth but said He couldn't stay
He "saved" a few but left them to their fates
And hid Himself behind those pearly gates.

And who am I to tell these things to you?
The only one who tells you what is true!
The Shining One who lives forever more
Is standing even now outside your door.

What happened to the world of yesterday?
What happened to the grace that came your way?
What happened to the love and gaiety?
Hell has come to earth....because of me.

You see, I changed the fate of all mankind
I took that god's creation and made it mine
I killed the unborn dreams that men all shared
The hope they gave to if I cared.

I reign this Earth and it is mine to kill
No "Savior" came and no "savior" ever will
Take back from me the world on which I rule
And anyone who believes that is a fool!

For I am Lucifer, Bright and Morning Star
And I am King of all, both near and far
These kings of men have floundered in their tasks
And failed me in the tiny things I asked.

And even now, they burn in flame and sea
And never will they share a throne with me
But what is that to me, the King of all?
Never again I swear, will I be made to fall.

At Heaven's gate, they watch in humbled fear
To see destruction's glory I wreak here
My fires ascend to Paradise's door
No Holy Ones will visit anymore.

The Earth is mine to do with as I see fit
And I will crush it down and trample it
No man shall ever dare to rebuke Me
In blindness do they crawl, no more to see.

Six thousand years I have awaited now
So patiently to reign and show "Him" how
How I am God and He is just a lamb
And He will never be the Lion I Am.

But wait! What is that light that fills my eyes?
My army melts, their mouths screaming "You lied!"
That white horse running that should have been my own
And on it's back, that Man, that Holy One!

I will not bow! I will not bow! I will not bend!
To You who died on that cross for their sin
I will not bow before You, Son of Man
I'm not one of your servants made of sand.

I will not break, my pride is much too strong
And though I bow, I will not bow for long
And though in chains of darkness do I sit
I will not forever wait inside this pit.

I will not. I will not! I will not beg
For mercy from You. I will drain the dregs
Of humankind there at that Age's end
And I will be their Ruler once again.

  Revelations 20:2-7

©by Voo 
April 12, 2004