Monday, November 5, 2018

FINDING YOU AGAIN .... contains soundtrack music player


 This poem was written to these 3 pieces of music........
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"Finding You Again"

Where are you, my love? 
What sea has taken you to foreign shores
To mountains I cannot traverse, nor valleys 
Will I not see the face again that I adore?

The eyes that shone with love for me at meeting
The heart that beat in rhythm with my own?
The arms of steel that reached as I lay weeping
Grasped me up and welcomed me to home.

Where are you tonight, my best beloved?
What fate has befallen you alone out there?
What woe has stilled your golden voice from calling
And kept your running feet from coming here?

Send word to me by messenger or raven
On the backs of steeds or in the mouths of fish
Send me word before I die of longing
Before my heart forgets to pray or hope or wish.

Can you feel me reaching for you now?
My fingers blindly groping in the dark
Touching naught but voids all full of nothing
Seeing not a flicker or a spark.

So long, so long, dear heart,  have I been waiting
Standing by the sad and silent shore
Watching for a sign there in the blue skies
Thinking you don't love me anymore.

But surely it's a demon whispering to me
Surely, it cannot be true or fact
If you are lost then my love must go on searching
To the ends of all of the earth to bring you back.

I cry, I cry with tears of yearning
I weep with sorrow from a broken heart
I need, I need to know where you are hiding
And what thing conspires to keep our souls apart.

The whispering winds can carry my words to you
Surely, God will send them to your ears
He formed the two of us to be together
He can't approve of all this suffering here.

See how the butterflies cling to my teardrops!
They try to wipe my loneliness away
They kiss me with their tiny, fragile wings now
And wave to me as they fly away.

And look! See how the roses grow around me!
They caress my skin and leave their sweet perfume
A sky lark perches on a tree branch swaying
And sings to me, Don't weep, you'll see him soon.

What hope leaps in my heart from out of nowhere
What love surrounds me from an unknown source
I hear a sound that's coming from a distance
Like pounding hooves...and there it is, the horse!

And on it's back, a man clad in white raiment
I raise my hands to Heaven that God's heard
But when he reaches me, he is a stranger
And he says to me, I bring you word.

The one you love was wounded in the battle
He clings to life by just a slender thread
But for your love he's held on by sheer willing
By all accounts he should have been long dead.

And all my heart and all my soul cries for you
With bitter tears that fall like torrent rain
I run to the horse and man who pulls me upward
Who seems to feel my heartbreak and my pain.

And on we ride through night and shadowed sunlight
Through forests I have never seen before
To a castle tall and shining just before us
And to gates of pearl that I've read about in lore.

The man in white deposits me to others
Who smile at me and take my trembling hand
He waited for the day that you could join him
They say to me and lead me to the man.

And there you are and there I am in Heaven
You hold out your arms to me with shining eyes
I didn't know I'd passed from life to death
I didn't know and I did not ask why.

You walk me down a pathway to a garden
Filled with flowers and bird song and with love
You touch my face and whisper how you love me
And joy rains down on us from skies above.

My love, my ever love, we are together
From life to death and life again it seems
I do not breathe for I'm afraid I'll waken
And find that we live only in my dreams.

©by Voo
November 5, 2018
12:40 a.m.

**For my muse
that I have found again**