Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Seventeen Forever

I am seventeen in my heart
No matter how faded I may become,
How ancient I will seem one day
How elderly I might appear,
To future children
Who will never be younger than I.

I am seventeen in my soul
An innocent thing running
In morning's glory
Through sunflowered fields
And turquoise skies
Full of laughing birds
And whispered wishes.

I am seventeen in my attitude
(And defiant)
Wearing black leather
And hanging out with boys
No mother would ever approve 
I tempt them with my eyes
And disdain them with my mouth
Kiss them on the backs of motorcycles
And ignore them in the halls.

I am seventeen in my emotions
A wounded kitten
Looking for love
And having no idea
What love might be
When I find it
But every day in a hundred ways,
I continue my search.

I am seventeen in my mind
All woman
With a void that can never be filled
And a hunger that can never be fed
Except by that thing, (whatever that thing is)
That is missing from the deepest part of me.

I am seventeen in my spirit
Wilding away in the fields of eternity
Dancing on bare feet
Where the green does not fade
Watched over by angels who smile at my bliss
Watching all those, like me
Who aged with every tick of an earthly clock
Age no more
But remain in our happy and grateful hearts, 

©by Voo
started yrs ago
and finished just now
Dec 2017
12:39 a.m.