Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Because of You

There are days when roses seem sweeter
The sun shines brighter
And the roads you walk on
Rise up to meet your feet and glide you along.

There are nights when the moon sings
And silver stars shoot across the celestrial canvas
Birds stay up just to croon you lullabies
And the world is a sweet and jubilant place.

I never knew that place before
I never felt like I could touch the heavens
Dance on daylight and run with the rain
Until now, because now, there's you.

All you have to do is smile
All you have to do is reach
All you have to do is be
And Earth becomes Eden.

If I could write you a love song
All the lyrics would be 'you'
If I could paint you a portrait
All the faces would be yours.

If I could write you a book
All the stories would be unending
If I could inspire you with dreams
All the dreams would come true.

For these are the things
That you've given to me
These are the joys
That now decorate my days.

Because of you
Because of you
The sun shines brighter
Because of you.

©by Voo
Feb 24, 08

Sweet Baby by Prince my fave by him