Monday, March 12, 2018


Would That I Knew

Would that I knew
Where to look
In this world
For love

For love has kept it's shining face
Far from the embrace of my eyes
Far from the circle of my arms
Far from the warm hearth of my heart

My pillow holds no head but mine
Catches no tears but mine
Witnesses no dreams but mine
And rarely sees them come true.

There was a time when hope was young
And innocence had not been tarnished
I felt love calling my name in halls of light
And running just ahead of me in fields of flowers.

But that was then, when days were new
And nights were magic and full of promise
Nights when love twirled in velvet cloaks
And beckoned me with eyes of bliss.

I cannot find it now
The magic......
Nor the candlelight glow in joyless night
The touch of satin on hungry skin
The wine of love has gone to dust
And the halls have all gone dark

Is this the destiny of broken hearts?
This shattered vase that holds no rose?
This empty room unkissed by sun?
This poemlessness that knows no prose?

What I would give to get it back
Even only to lose it yet again
For loss loses meaning without gain
Like days lack definition without night.

Walking through this world with empty heart
Is worse than death
Is worse than war
Is worse than prison.

Would that I knew where to look
In this world
For love..........

For I would run on broken glass
Through snow and rain
And hurricane
To the place where it waits
And calls my name

For I would fly on feet of fire

Down darkened alleys and fields of fools
Holding out these empty arms
To welcome it home.

©by Voo
November 3, 2010
12:27 a.m.