Thursday, January 18, 2018



Craving love or something close to it

We ran laughing to the forest
Away from chiding eyes

Blending ourselves into tall grasses

Underneath friendly trees
We fell hard as stone into an embrace

Nothing mattered once we were entwined

Nothing could pull us apart or make us afraid
Not even angry elders

The grass feels cold and damp

But we revel in it's touch
On our fevered fingers

We throw off our buckskins

And cover one another
With the blankets of our love

How beautiful you are, I think

How young and strong and bronzed
Like the deer that scampers past us

You put a flower behind my ear

And caress my face with a gentle hand
Your eyes beckoning me to fall inside

I am so hungry but not for food

I am so thirsty but not for water
I am almost mad with the wildness

I always knew you were mine

Even as a little girl, I knew
No other warrior could ever turn my head

I followed you like your shadow

And we took chances
That only fools would ponder

Your father would look at me

And then at you and shake his head
Then smile behind his hand, chuckling

My father would only shake his head

And sigh and let out angry groans
While my mother scolded me and kept the peace

So many times we almost went too far

But we held back and prayed for strength
And went there in our hearts

Then came the day we wedded

And we were joined with many blessings
And sighs of sweet relief

We were like young wolves chasing prey then

We had caught one another at last
And didn't know what we should do in the catching

But soon we knew exactly what to do

In the absence of prying eyes and teasing smiles
We knew. We knew.

And when the craving came looking

We did not hide from it nor deny it's pull
We let it take us to the forest

And we wild'd away the thunder

And the lightning of each storm
And lay besotted in arms that belonged to only us

You smile at me and raise an eyebrow

And I smile back and pull you again, near
Near this heaven that your love has made here

Craving you in the whisper of the wind

The mystery of the full moon
The sweetness of a summer rain

We love until we are emptied of hunger

And filled up again with rapture
We lie down in desperation and rise up in joy

But always craving.............

                   ...............always craving

And that is good.

©by Voo

Jan 18, 2018
5:02 a.m.

Raptor by John Trudell