Saturday, September 16, 2017


                                  NOT ALONE by   PROTOTYPE

Monday, September 11, 2017

Just In Case in memory of 911 written 10 yrs ago

Just In Case

Just in case tomorrow never comes
Just in case the sun forgets to shine
Just in case the world is drowned in tears
I'm writing this to say what's on my mind.

I hope you all have love living inside you
I hope you all have peace within your soul
I hope you all come through the fires now burning
Refined and finished, shining like pure gold.

This life is never promised to the careless
And those that think that this is all there'll be
For when this life ends, be it short or lengthy
That's when you'll walk into eternity.

So hug your friends and family 'fore tomorrow
And kneel your knees and pray away your strife
And give your soul to the only One can save it
For holding to this world can't save your life.

Tonight  might be the last night you lay dreaming
Today just may have been your final day
So leave nothing undone that needs the doing
Before the angels carry you away.

The world will never end, the scriptures tell us
But will be formed and shaped and made anew
But just because the earth will live forever
Doesn't mean that it's the same for you.

Six years ago came September the Eleventh
A morning like all others come before
Nobody knew when they awoke that morning
That they would never walk back through their doors.

My heart is full of longing for my Savior
My soul is full of sorrow for mankind
So please tonight, make sure your souls are righteous
And let Love fill your hearts while there's still

©by Voo
Sept 10, 07
11:11 p.m

Saturday, September 9, 2017


I Cannot Dance

I cannot dance for my two feet
No longer feel the beat
The music doesn't move me now
Be it loud or sweet.

I cannot dance for my two ears
Have long since lost the tune
So I stand still in the dark of night
Staring at the moon.

I cannot dance for my two arms
Have not a love to hold
So I sit here cradling myself
Shivering in the cold. 

I cannot dance for my two eyes
Cannot see the dream
Or love in someone else's eyes
But hear the silent scream.

I cannot dance for my defective heart
Would burst now if I tried
The world's a sadder, quieter place
Now that the music's died.

©2007 by Voo

Time Forgotten by Brian Crain


Green Apples

Love is like a green apple

Life is like a green apple
Within it's peelings.

Every time I see
A green apple,
I want
To take a bite,
I want
To savor the juice
And devour it to the seed.

And yet,
When the apple is gone,
The peelings discarded,
The juice, blotted up,
And the seeds thrown to ground,
I always find myself
Craving still another.

For one apple
Is never enough for me
I am greedy
And eternally hungry,
Continually wanting
To fill my belly
With more.

Ordinary apples
Rarely interest me
I don't know why,
Maybe I am strange
Maybe I am odd,
But my mouth does not water
For the taste of red.

But green apples
They call my name
In the middle of night
In the heat of the day,
They beckon me
With memories.

I sink my teeth
Into their juicy flesh
And smile
Savoring the tartness
That comes with the sweet,
But I am insatiable,
Devouring slowly, finishing the last
At the same time looking around
For the next

green apple...............

©by Voo
10:39 p.m.


Surprises at Midnight

Get dressed, you said, in the sexiest thing you own

Throw on a coat and follow these words, alone
I've laid down a pretty paper roses trail
And where it leads you to, your eyes will tell
So I, in wonder, did just as he asked
For I was titillated by the task.

I hurried down the stairs and to the street

And the night was full of mystery and heat
I saw the pieces of paper shining there
Down the street, the pier and to the Square
I followed them until I came to rest
In an alley way, my heart pounding in my chest.

I looked around to see what I could see

And all I saw was a curiosity 
A cardboard cut-out of a handsome man
Standing there with roses in his hand.

I sighed and turned to go from that dark place

And then he peeked around the cardboard face
"Hello, my love!" he grinned, "What a surprise!"
And I hit him with a pie between the eyes.

©by Voo
March 18, 20017
6:29 p.m.
for you know who

Sunday, September 3, 2017

I Don't Mind

I don't mind

I don't mind the tears
I just hate all the crying

I don't mind being dead
I just hate all the dying.

Sept 3, 2017
8:48 p.m.

You There song

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Every One Leaves Me Behind

Constant, perpetually, always
Words that describe my grief
And bitterest sorrow

Words that rake across my heart
Like ice cold wind
On a howling December dawn

I hate those words
I hate the way the meanings changed
When all the love left my world

I hate the way my soul broke
And memories became torture devices
Instead of sunny days

Eternally, everlasting, evermore
Words that use to be valentine cards
And not a diagnosis of my pain

Words that fill me with despair
And not the joy they once did
When I knew what joy could be

I hate the way my head hurts
When I think of everlasting agony
Without a hand to soothe my brow

I hate it.  I hate it!  I hate this...........
Loneliness without end and
Days filled up with emptiness

Nothing means anything anymore
Not even nothing
When there used to be nothing that I wouldn't
Do for love

Now there's no love to do anything for
Not in my life, not in my mind
Love has departed holding hands with hope
Perpetually slamming it's door in my face......

Gone where all the good things go
Things I never could hold on to
Even if I found them outside of a dream
Whether it's true or just in my mind........
Everyone leaves me behind.

© by Voo
Aug 28, 2017
2:11 a.m.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


in the forest of the full moon

slipping my tiny hand into yours,
I felt your big hand close around it
and you smiled down into my eyes 
and sparkled like a beautiful diamond
for a moment in the growing darkness.....
and I felt so safe.

It felt as though I had known you forever....
you were so kind, so thoughtful
so warm, so all knowing and powerful
like the daddy I never had, like the brother I always wanted,
like the friend  I never knew
like the lover of my soul they always told me would come my way.

you made me laugh, you made me hope, you made me trust
meeting you was like the fairy tale come true,
the three wishes granted,
the waking to find the dream was real..........
I couldn't smile big enough.

we walked and talked all through the day,
stopping for treats and tea and flowers picked 
and rainbow watching and running in the rain
so wonderful a world I had never known! 

the people looked at us as we walked side by side, hand in hand
and they smiled upon us as if bestowing us with honor 
due a princess and a king...........
and I glowed in the basking of the love
and let it heal my wounded heart.

toward evening, I asked you where you were taking me 
and you patted my little shoulder and softly said.....
somewhere where you'll be safe, where you'll be cared for 
and wanted and loved forever and ever
and never be afraid.

those words caressed my mind with tenderness
and I sighed a sigh of relief and thanks that at last
the orphan in me had found a loving home......
we walked on and the familiar gave way to strange landscapes
and the day slipped down into fiery sunset 
and hurried on it's way into the dark.

at the edge of the forest, I felt a tinge of fear within me
but brushed it off as your hand pressed mine in reassurance 
and I saw your white teeth gleaming in a loving smile.........
everything will be alright, you promised and I nodded, 
trusting in your words and loving you with everything in me
because you loved me....
the lost and unloved child of the streets and earth 
and fatherless/motherless family.

promise? I asked so quietly I could hardly hear myself
and you said, promise!
and I let you take me into that dark wood
with it's thousand trees and thousand birds and thousand eyes 
that suddenly stopped their rushing and went silent as a stone.

I heard you breathing, fast and faster 
and felt the pulse in your hand speed up and race so furiously 
that I pulled my hand from yours in confusion
and you made a sound that I had never heard before.

quick as a flash, the moon came up 
and sped high into the sky before my face
and lit up the ground on which we stood,
showing the brook nearby rushing over large and tiny shards of rock
and the trees that appeared to me to be like castles, 
huge and overshadowing the two of us, so tiny in their sight.

taking in the scene, I looked for some semblance of a house
or home or tent or arbor, some place welcoming 
and warm with fire and sheltering from wind and woe
is this where we're going? I asked..........puzzled 
and turned to search your face now turned from mine 
and hidden in a shadow I could not penetrate with my unadjusted eyes.

yessssssss.... you whispered in a voice not yours,
not warm, not kind, not known, not.....human
and there in moonlight, bright as day,
with clouds circling it's rocky roundness 
and birds as quiet as whispers and night as still as death.........
my cherished friend, my new found love, my hero and protector 
became a beast.

a changeling, huge and evil and terrible in it's face and form
a nightmare come to life with ravening mouth 
and eyes full of horrible, man-less hunger
I could not move. I stood and stared.........
and then I shed a tear and put out my hand, my little hand 
that moments ago had held yours in blissful friendship.

and you took it...and crushed it.........
threw back your head and howled an endless screaming howl
no trace of the man there any longer.........
and without one word of apology or warning,
you devoured me and my trusting heart
threw my bones into the brook and ran into the darkness growling.

and here I stay unto this day, a child ever remaining
my spirit haunted and haunting the place of my betrayal, forever
in the forest of the full moon
watching and waiting for your return.........
bringing other trusting children to their dark despair and lonely ends
smiling that gleaming smile.......
and holding their little hands in yours.

©by voo 
Aug 6, 2005 
7:47 p.m.

for all the abused...and trusting victims of monsters, human and otherwise

Saturday, August 26, 2017

DON'T LET THEM TAKE YOU TO ROOM 101 (Warning....this is pretty scary)


  ........... music by NatureWorld 1986.......                          

     Let Them Take You 
                               To Room 101

Down the corridor, in the dark, there's a room
Where the end of your dreams comes to pass
Where the night swallows day and all hope fades away
And you kneel on the shards of black glass.

Where they take you when you don't obey
When you stand up for reason and right
Where the tormentors meet you to play
And you have no more strength for the fight.

In a house without freedom on a cruel city street
With no knowledge of good or of bad
Where the men march like puppets to a song they can't sing
In a world, like a nightmare, gone mad.

We've seen them take the dissidents there
Heard them scream for long hour after hour
We've cleaned up the blood of the penitents
Who gave in to the power of Power.

Up high on the hill, there's a tower
That listens to every breath that you breathe
Records all your thoughts and reports them
And then runs them through a memory sieve.

They cannot have rebellion here
They cannot take the chance
Before joy takes hold and you've grown old
They take your song and dance.

And all the armies of innocent men
To war and death, they run
They tell us we must kill and die
Till all the world is One.

But if you dare and if you care
They knock you to your knees
You must conform or you will harm
The other worker bees.

So they take you to the house of pain
And all your memories skewer
Regard them with their cold dead eyes
And replace all that was pure.

Our brother was one, such as this
With dreams and schemes and plans
He was a rebel, wayward, bold
Who disdained their demands.

They took him in the dead of night
They put him in a cage
With hungry rats to claw his eyes
He howled away his rage.

So he's a conformed comrade now
His orders take, with pride
His body marches with the rest
But there's no one inside.

They took his soul in room 101
And ground it in to dust
So we all do our best to exist
Like the leaders say we must.

There is no place for private thought
Or feelings that upset
We must rewire our feeble brains
Or they'll make us regret.

And all our lives, we work and die
For the leaders that we trust
And give our all to that great Call
Until they're through with us.

Still, in the night, when it is quiet
We whisper in the gloom
Ask questions till someone shushes us
With a reminder of "the Room."

Down the corridor, in the dark, in the house
Where the tormentors laugh at our fear
They know we will do whatsoever they say
For there are no men living here.

We are just numbers, we have no names
We have no dreams left to dream
They've erased all our minds, made us willing and blind
But they can't make us forget how to scream.


©by Voo
April 26, 09
1:29 a.m.