Saturday, March 11, 2017


Places In Us

There are dark places in all of us
Deep, hidden, unseen, unexplored caverns
Fraught with danger, seething with passion
Powder kegs with unlit fuses, waiting, just waiting
For the right match to strike.

There are bright places in all of us
Beautiful, glowing, starlight places
Lit up with love and humming with melody
The pulse of the human soul beats there
Hungry to serve it's purpose and sow and reap love's harvest.

There are warring places in all of us
Something that makes us declare war
When peace is needed
Run when we should stand our grounds
And stand when we should just give in.

©by Voo


We Are Digital

Heaven, help us

For we are digital
And do not know
How to wind a watch.

Heaven, help us

For we are spoiled
Born into electricity
And terrified of a candle's spark.

We are such driven people

Driven here, driven there
We don't know how to walk anymore
We don't know how to use our feet.

Babies come into the world

Reaching for cell phones
Knowing the words to songs we've forgotten
Dancing the latest dirty dances and, old.

Heaven, help us

For we are set on automatic
We respond in kind to deadened emotions
React as our programming dictates.

Heaven, help us

For we are milk-fed, soft-handed ingrates
We think that the world owes us everything
When we haven't earned a space yet to stand.

Our lives are played out on mp3 collections

Our music lives in the pockets of our jeans
Our souls are compartmentalized, our hearts, cold machines
And our spirits are hybrid, cloned things, not of God.

What do we do then, when the lights go out?

How will we live? What will we eat?
Where will we go when they hunt us and kill us?
How will we survive when the wolves rule the streets?

Heaven, help us

For the magazines tell us
That we're destined for greatness
And the history books tell us that we're destined for doom.

Heaven, help us

For we see the armies, and not the man
We see the forests, and not the tree
We think in plural and "greater good."

Gone are the days of clear blue skies

And smog free air
Our lungs are full of chemicals
That the drug lords sprayed up there.

Tonight, I sit by candlelight, writing

Trying to put my heart on paper
For somebody to find and read when I'm gone
And I hope that they will, before it's thrown on the fire.

Somebody in an unborn generation

Will have to discover that marvelous thing all over again: Fire
It's beauty, it's warmth, it's terror
For today, even the candle lights are fake.

Tomorrow, they will build igloos

Out of unplugged microwave ovens
Sleep in old bath tubs and bathe in the streams
Tomorrow, they will not know what we took so for granted.

Heaven, help us

For we are digital
We are numbers with faces
And we walk in our sleep.

Heaven, help us

For we are blind and bereft of love
We have made a mess of this beautiful planet
Turned it into hell as you watched from above.

©By Voo
Oct 13, 08
9 p.m.

I deliberately wrote this in a disjointed fashion, some verses rhyme, some do not. Because this is how the world feels to me just now. Disjointed. Waiting for the Apocalypse. Waiting for the End. Waiting for the Beginning. Waiting.

Friday, March 10, 2017


        Voo reading this poem on soundcloud

And The Cow Did Not 
                            Jump Over The Moon

The moon is made of cheese, they said

When I was just a tot
And so I dreamed of lovely things
For we didn't have a lot.

The cow jumped over the moon, they said

In my fairy story book
And I believed everything I was told
And I thought I'd take a look.

So I crept out to the barn one night

And saddled up the cow
We're flying to the moon, I said
(But I know better now.)

How I got that cow up on that barn

I'll never, ever know
But she was willing and I was silly
And she jumped when I said "Go!"

A pig pen is a nasty place

Full of slime and sleaze
We gave it a try but the cow couldn't fly
And I didn't get no cheese.

 ©By Little VooVoo 

 July 15, 07

For all the kids, big and small, out there......
 and especially the grown up kids, like me.


Every year is the Year of the Cat!!!

My sidekick and roving feline reporter, Roscoe Ratcatcher




                                                    They go to the tanning salon................


They teach the ways of the Einstein..............

They play video games on those damn computers 24/7 instead of reading newsworthy articles like this one!!!!

Some of them are great hunters and chefs at local restaurants

Some are friendly receptionists.............................


                               We're almost sure that there is a cold blooded killer among them....

                                              Especially since Sensei Wang Dang Doo went missing

The kids are alright as kids go.....

                                                 At least till bath time...........

If they get out of line, they go before Judge Pawker, the hanging judge

One little fellow is training to be an astronaut..............

Old Willie likes to hang out on dating sites and insult humans...............

Then there's Bruce, the paranormal expert who loves to pop up when you least expect it....

We never paid the local Meow Militia much mind until this poster started showing up on neighborhood telephone poles and on the internet.................Several of us started arming ourselves with bulldogs and laser light pointers....

Oh, some of them are quite talented. For instance, Snowball plays The Grinch every Christmas at the FELINE FUNHOUSE THESPIAN THEATRE.................

                                                MeatLoaf usually wins all the local bike-a-thons..............
and Garfield look-a-like contests

Huey, Duey, Looey, and Clyde do double duty as window washers and peeping toms......

Yesterday Donald was caught by his brother's cell phone sticking his tongue out at his mom.

(he is now grounded for six of his nine lives)

One of my personal favorites is the preacher cat, The Right Reverand Moochie Mewhard, who goes about casting the devil out of his fellow felines ......whether they need it or not...................

This guy is a Rock Star wannabe who practices falling backwards into mosh pits at any given opportunity. He can't sing or play guitar, he just.....falls

Here we have Manny Moo at the kitchen table yesterday after the Vet told his Mom to put him on a diet. Needless to say, Manny did not appreciate the carrot and Buttermilk Smoothie.....

Well, I think this hidden Cat Cam clears up any mystery of a killer loose in the neighborhood.
I wondered why I hadn't got a paper the last three days....................

Spockles has really been enjoying all the new Star Wars movies, he says but is fighting for a part in the next Star Trek franchise.............coming next summer from what I hear.  He said he's tired of all this Non-Human exclusion in Hollywood at the Oscars. He can walk a red carpet just as well as Lady GooGoo Ga Ga .......  Whatever

Local meowers, The JellyBellies performed the 
only song they know for the big charity event CATSRUS last night....
The song?  STUCK ON YOU by Lionel Richie

In other news..........bad brothers, Bob and BoDiddly have been up
to their old tricks, stealing toilet paper out of  any open bathroom 
windows they can find. Traces of it literally litter the whole neighborhood.
It's a crime and a shame how some cats turn out. least it's not catnip.

Local, Bojangles Popeye Church explains his next fried chicken
 proposal to potential investors. It was later said that he did quite an impressive
PowerPoint presentation even though nobody knew how it ended because he threw up
a hair ball on the keyboard.............

Also, as a lesson to all the high schoolers....this picture was circulated amongst them all
Friday to remind them not to be like Jolly. Jolly won't eat anything if it's not in capsule form.

As most of you know,  General Bonkers went on live tv yesterday to try to calm the masses
after a huge UFO was seen hovering over Mrs. Bailey's back yard. It took out all of her bird feeders and seven squirrels. Please contact  General Bonkers at the Feline Flying Force HeadQuarters (the shed behind the garage on Baker Street) if you have any information. We  allegedly suspect Claude Jay, the kid who likes to build model airplanes and stuff but have no concrete proof.....
General Bonkers is offering a $25.00 reward and all the rats you can eat......which probably will preclude any humans turning him in.............

In closing this week.............just a friendly reminder, folks.......

Remember your feline friends...because they never forget a slight...........

We will return soon with more
 Cats In This Neighborhood News..............
until next time.....Farewell and Meow from your Oh, so Human Reporter.....
Voo Ima Standingby and the ever cool Roscoe Ratcatcher


(Man! I've got to find myself another audience!)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Let Me Not As Other Men

Let me not as other men,
Turn my face from hurt
From beggars with their empty hands,
Digging in the dirt.

Let me not as other men,
Lock myself away
In shelters, safe while homeless folk
Walk the streets all day.

Let me not as other men,
Toast, with rarest wine
And can't be bothered to spare a crumb
From banquets where I dine.

Let me not as other men,
Ignore the cries of pain
Coming from the little ones
Who won't go home again.

Let me not as other men,
Pass the dead-eyed faces
Of people who have lost it all
And dropped out of their races.

Let me not as other men,
Sneer at the reservations
Those ghettos full of broken spirits
Descendants of proud nations.

Let me not as other men,
View girls as less than boys
Use, abuse and then refuse
And throw them away like toys.

Let me not as other men,
Forget from whence I came
And set up kingdoms for myself
And play a rich man's game.

Let me not as other men,
Turn my back on love
That diamond that is still mined here
But formed by God above.

Let me not as other men,
Disdain the world around me
Who wandered deaf and dumb and blind
And lost till someone found me.

Let me not as other men,
Leave here not knowing why
And for what purpose I was born
Before I lay down and die.

Let me not as other men,
Die lonely and alone
Buried in a crypt of gold
That will never be my home.

Let me not as other men,
Though I am as weak as they
Leave this world a far worse place
When my footprints fade away.

©by Voo
July 6, 2011
11:40 p.m.


IT INSPIRED THIS POEM...........     



It's Raining Again

It's raining again
The sky is crying
The night is falling down

The clouds are full
And they're releasing
The darkness so full of sound

It's raining again
The grass is wet
It's cool upon my feet

The lightning hits
Close to me now
And I'm running across the street

All day, the sun
Has held me tight
Within it's fiery hands

And now, the night
Has just shown up
And it has other plans

It's raining again
The air is electric
My lungs feel fresh and new

The day has been great
But that old news can wait
Cause now all I can think of is you

It's raining again
You know what that means
Boy, you better hurry home

You and me, baby 
Got some night work to do 
You know how that rain turns me on.

©by Voo
May 12, 11
10:50 p.m.


warm me

warm me, my love, i am so cold.........

i can't feel my fingers tracing the frozen tears
falling from my eyes
flowing down my cheeks onto your heart.

warm me, my love, i long for flame

red like passion, hot like fire, strong like wine
melt me like the glacier that i am, i was, i am.....
i no longer want to be.

warm me, my love, with the glance of your eyes

the touch of your hand, the breath of your mouth
so cold....
so you were, too.

in the waiting of the wanting of the needing, 

of the void that grasps the loveless.... 
and pulls us down into it's depths
to lie frozen in the silence of a darkened sky.

warm me, my love, burn me as i burn you

coming to life now in this desperation of desire
this heat that flickered low but never died
never died. never died. never died......

but lives now in this newest of days and nights 

and dreams
warming......warming......blazing now with love
your touch is like fire, your love is like a potion
i drink......i feel.....i love....i burn....i melt

the glacier gone forever.

©by voo

november 14, 2004
7:38 p.m 

                   oh, you gotta play this song                           
 while you read this poem!!! 
 You just gotta!!!!!!

Don't Let Me be Lonely Tonight
by Issac Hayes


Five O'Clock Queen

Every day at five on the dot, she comes
All the heads raise, swivel around, and then look away
(I don't know why she comes here anymore.)

They tell me she was beautiful in her time
Nice long legs and red-gold hair and eyes to catch your breath
But time's become her enemy, if it ever was her friend.

I don't think there's anything sadder
Than the face she smiles at me
As I pour her beer and take her coins and watch her look around.

She stumbles to the booth that knows her contours well
Fluffs back her hair and licks her lips
And pretends she's unaware.

Maybe there's a new guy in, that doesn't know the score
And I see him raise her hopes up
And then dash them to the ground.

The regulars jab him in the ribs and laugh behind their hands
"No, son," they say, "You want none of that!"
And she pretends she doesn't hear.

When the beer is warm and the night is cold
I watch her reflection in the window pane 
On the odd night, in that light, I can see her as she was.

Sometimes, I ignore her and sometimes I just can't
I wipe the bar and wipe my hands
And put quarters in the jukebox.

"This one's for you." I'll say
And she'll light up like a child on Christmas morning
And nod her graying head like a reigning queen.

But when she's gone, I'll play a Dave Loggins song
And a hush falls as the room is filled with shame
And pain and longing for the days that are no more.

Days when youth was beautiful even on an ugly face
And those eyes could make you stumble after
And promise her tomorrow when you knew it wouldn't come.

©by Voo
May 12, 09
1:18 a.m

This is the heartbreaking song that inspired this poem. I felt that this woman had another
part of her story that needed to be told...................