Sunday, March 5, 2017


 As If A Dream

Softness lay on your hands like clouds in summer
And you touched me like a cherished violin
Eyes so full of sweetness I went drowning
Down to your depths and hurried up again.

Whispered on my neck, your mouth went seeking
And I, enthralled, became your willing muse
Through entwined fingers love came shyly peeking
Forgetting what it was we had to lose.

And there the grass rolled out as if a carpet
And there the sky scrolled back as if a dream
And there the birds of heaven serenaded
And flowers wove a tapestry unseamed.

No song and yet we danced in arms of longing
Delicate and quiet as the dawn
Till midnight fled and we were overtaken
By longing stronger than the strongest storm.

And passion touched my skin like strands of silver
Searing like the lightning in your eyes
Hands, once soft, became as rough as iron
And the bright moon echoed with our lovers' cries.

The joy of love, no poet can describe it
The need of man for woman, who can tell
What else on earth can give a taste of heaven
Take it away and makes you taste of hell?

Here in the night I reach the arms of wanting
I long once more to walk the road of bliss
Touch me with hands of softness and of iron
And dream me back to our first summer's kiss.


by Voo
June 28, 2007 
2 a.m.

A Thousand Kisses Deep by Chris Botti
was listening to this when I wrote this poem......