Saturday, March 4, 2017


Observance of Joy

I stood in the quiet of the oncoming evening

And watched her in the garden, humming
Her hands dirty with the rich, black soil
Her blue dress, stained and ripped at the hem
And I loved her so I thought my heart would burst

Flowers surrounded her, the result of many hours

Vegetables, ripe and ready to be eaten, waited
Birds were shooed away and bugs, exterminated
All the while humming that lovely, unidentifiable tune
And I loved her so I thought my heart would sing

I had walked past her on my journey home

The workaday woes heavy on my mind
The incoming, outgoing, out of proportion paperwork
Still to be dealt with, still to be paid, lying on the desk
And I had passed her without glance or second thought

As I neared the door to hearth and home, I turned

Abruptly as if an unseen hand had turned me thus
And I watched her obliviously working on my dinner
Over my shoulder, quietly, in stunned awareness
And I loved her so much I thought my heart would break.

©By Voo
July 8, 07

for Sterling

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WONDERING AT THE WINDOW..................collab w/Ray Gallon

Wondering  at the Window

Where is he, I wonder
And feel such an emptiness
I can barely bear it.

Was it only yesterday
That he left the rose
Upon my doorstep and fled?

Was it only the day before
That I slammed the door
There in his startled face?

What a fool I was
What a complete and utter fool
For I cannot remember the reason.

He told me he'd never let me go
He told me he'd drown in the rain
And burn in the sun.

He told me he'd stand outside the window
Until the stars fell down
And all the flowers cried.

But I just laughed
And pulled the blinds
And shut out his tearful eyes.

Now it is morning
And the sky is soft and serene
But there's a storm inside of me.

Where is he, I wonder
With my hand upon the sill
Where is my love and does he love me still?

©by Voo
Feb 28, 2017
3:06 a.m.

(painting by Ray Gallon
poem by Voo)

LOOK AT YOU poem I wrote for Leonard Cohen yrs ago

Look At You

You said you'd never smile again

After surviving the wars of love
Coming out on the other side wounded
And haunted by the ghosts of pain.

Don't look at me, you said, I'm half a man

I'm crippled and scarred
And you are still beautiful
No one can mend me now.

But I didn't listen or take heed to your

I loved you till you hated me and loved
Me once again.

Now, look at you, you're laughing

Your scars unseen
Your heart healed
In the patience of my tender hands.

Look at you, my love

My tenacity has worked a miracle
My stubborn hope
Has given you back your smile.

©By Voo
Jan 7, 05
7:30 p.m.
For my beloved Leonard

Monday, February 27, 2017


The Only One For Me by John Trudell

The Only One For Me

You're my prayer's answer
My song's refrain
My cloud, my sky, my sun and rain

You are my passion
My heart's desire
My night, my day, my warming fire

You are my sweetness
My spirit's soar
My dance, my music, my reason for

You are my light
My soul's embrace
My other self that wears your face

You are my treasure
My hidden gold
My wealth, the depth, cannot be told

You are my blessing
My greatest gift
My joy that gives this life a lift

You are my lover
My dearest friend
My best companion that's ever been

You are my heart
My need to be 
My love till ends eternity

You are the only one for me.

©By Voo
Sept 19, 10   
1:45 a.m.

Sunday, February 26, 2017



Tall and cerebral he stands
Hair flowing in the eastern breeze
Like an evangelist's locks
Eyes, dead on and deadly in their intensity
He scrutinizes me like a potential play thing from a distance
Blows my mind with unspoken promises that he will never bring to pass
But likes to think he will
Then the strange but lovely man in black stockings
And van dyke beard peers off over my right shoulder at some alien outline
Waiting in the shadows
Winks at me with the devil in his eye
Pulls the camera from my trembling hand
And smashes it into the floor
I am his biggest fan and maybe just as
Strange but will never be as lovely.

©by Voo

April 2, 2006
For Christopher Walken