Wednesday, July 26, 2017


                     Spanish Flamenco Guitar

The Gift

Windswept and full of dare
She twirled in long ringlets of hair,
Her mouth, a smile, did grace me with
And gave my anxious heart a lift.

Her fingers, long and full of tease
She only softly asked me, "Please"
Her feet ran to the cantina floor
And showed me what she'd been born for.

I'd met her on the market square
A lonely maiden, standing there
Without escort, without a ring
A truly lovely, graceful thing.

And so we talked and passed the time
She put her gentle hand in mine
My plans forgotten and she had none
We walked till day was almost gone.

We strolled beside the river's shore
We laughed and laughed and laughed some more
Like children playing a grown up's game
She told me much, except her name.

When blue twilight had fallen down
We walked into the heart of town
Past cafes, full, at dinner time
I pulled her into these arms of mine.

"What would you like to do?" I asked
And she fell silent and said at last
"I want to dance, may we please go?"
But I couldn't dance but she didn't know.

I held my breath, felt my heart race
And fear ran fast across my face
"Of course we may." I said and lied
As she beamed sweetly at my side.

"I know the place!" she grabbed my hand
And I went with her, a smitten man
Up cobblestones, and alleys down
Followed her joy and music's sound.

Till then, at last, she found the place
And turned to me with youthful face
"You'll like it here." And in she flew
And called to people that she knew.

The place was small but filling up
With men and music, wine and cup
With violin and stamping feet
And Spanish guitars, loud and sweet.

At her appearance, there rose a roar
And she backed slowly towards the floor
Pulling my coat; I stumbled after
Into the light and thundering laughter.

She removed her shawl and threw it, then
Surveyed the room of shouting men
Threw back her head of coal black hair
And circled round me, standing there.

My pulse was racing, my face was wet
I hadn't told my secret yet
I couldn't dance, I never could
My feet were leaden, my legs were wood.

The music filled the heated room
And my shy flower began to bloom
Into a wild and wondrous thing
With every wanton song they'd sing.

She stomped her feet, began to dance
Till every man felt her romance
Her dark eyes flashing, her shoulders, bare
The maiden, gone, an Empress there.

I couldn't move, I couldn't leave
I stood transfixed in the air she breathed
Lost track of myself, lost track of time
Fell in her love and spell sublime.

The wine was flowing, the night was hot
And magic happened but I knew it not
Until she pulled me into her arms
And I felt the power of her sensuous charms.

My shirt unbuttoned, my sleeves rolled up
Drank deep and long from a brimming cup
My eyes on hers, hand round her waist
My anxiousness, now all erased.

I felt the music, it flowed through me
I saw the passion and it saw me
I danced the dances of ages past
The gift I'd dreamed of, given, at last.

Our bodies melded, our bodies swayed
The crowd applauded, the music played
Her face against mine, and wanting more
We danced till daylight crept round the door.

And we were alone in an emptying room
That just hours ago, had been filled with my gloom
Filled with the knowledge that there was no chance
That my once broken legs could ever learn how to dance.

But dance I did and dance I do
Dance in my dreams, while dreaming of you
The girl who was magic, the girl with the charms
Who taught me to live as I danced in her arms.


 © By Voo
Aug 22, 2010
2:30 a.m.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


There Was a Sunrise

There was a sunrise
That never came
A day of darkness
And tearful rain.

There was a heart break
That tore in two
The part of me
That's part of you.

There was a sadness
That hid the joy
That lived inside
The girl and boy.

There was a knowing
That became wise
When you no longer
Looked in my eyes.

There was a silence
That louder grew
No longer hearing
The sound of you.

There was an emptiness
That filled my life
No worldly refuge
From worldly strife.

There was a coldness
That came to fill
The void of your warmth
That chills me still.

There was a a day
That changed my soul
And you laid down
Your greatest role.

For on that day
That came, I lost
My gift from Heaven
That bore no cost.

For us, but you
Paid everything
Your life, your love
That had no strings.

That day, that day
Was like no other
That endless day
I lost my mother.

You left  your body
And flew to Glory
And left us here
To tell your story.

And what is that
But endless love
Your songs and stories
A heart full of......

Such lovely laughter
Such sweet delight
The way you lit
The darkest night.

You were a mysterious
Mischievous you
A little kid
And a woman, too.

You loved your family
You loved the Lord
You worked at loving
And you worked hard.

You were always there
And you'd always be
A call from me.

But there were times
I didn't call
And I didn't know
How your heart would fall.

Till that day came
With no sunrise
With no glad welcome
There in your eyes.

I learned so quickly
How a heart can break
How a heart can give
What it cannot take.

I learned in sorrow
What I could not in joy
That your joy was living
For your girl and boy.

And now you're living
With the Lord above
Your glad feet running
Through His fields of love.

Our lives continue
Devoid of your cheer
And a deafening silence
Since you're not here.

The world feels different
Now that you're gone
Only a mother can make
 This world feel like home.

©by Voo
July 25, 2017
1:24 a.m.


Sunday, July 23, 2017


There Stood A House

There stood a house
And the house stood there alone
No cat with teasing mouse
No dog with tortured bone.

No squeaking floor
No belfry bat
No one to disturb
The peace of that.

No rattling branch
No howling pack
No one to leave
And then come back.

Except the child
That swings alone
In midnight moon
She sings her song.

The little girl
With pig-tailed hair
She swings and sings
To empty air.

For many moons
She's swung like that
Through storm and sleet
And days so black.

For no sun will shine
Upon that place
No breeze comes by
To touch her face.

The passers-by
Walk out of their way
To avoid the house
Where sadness stays.

For they all know
The story wild
And the hateful fate
That befell the child.

So long ago
On that terrible day
When the monster took
The sun away.

And then the family
Moved from the home
And left the girl
To swing alone.

They left so broken
Almost insane
They didn't know
That she remained.

She couldn't leave
The place she died
She watched them leave
And stood and cried.

Then to the swing
She went to play
The swing her Daddy
Made that birthday.

And there she swings
And sings her song
As the old house watches
And stands alone.

©by Voo
July 23, 2017
1:46 a.m.