Sunday, July 23, 2017


There Stood A House

There stood a house
And the house stood there alone
No cat with teasing mouse
No dog with tortured bone.

No squeaking floor
No belfry bat
No one to disturb
The peace of that.

No rattling branch
No howling pack
No one to leave
And then come back.

Except the child
That swings alone
In midnight moon
She sings her song.

The little girl
With pig-tailed hair
She swings and sings
To empty air.

For many moons
She's swung like that
Through storm and sleet
And days so black.

For no sun will shine
Upon that place
No breeze comes by
To touch her face.

The passers-by
Walk out of their way
To avoid the house
Where sadness stays.

For they all know
The story wild
And the hateful fate
That befell the child.

So long ago
On that terrible day
When the monster took
The sun away.

And then the family
Moved from the home
And left the girl
To swing alone.

They left so broken
Almost insane
They didn't know
That she remained.

She couldn't leave
The place she died
She watched them leave
And stood and cried.

Then to the swing
She went to play
The swing her Daddy
Made that birthday.

And there she swings
And sings her song
As the old house watches
And stands alone.

©by Voo
July 23, 2017
1:46 a.m.