Saturday, July 22, 2017


Flight of the Street Preacher that your name?
That's what I heard today
They all threw rocks and chains and blocks
And I dodged out of their way

Stupid...moron...they screamed at me
As I did my 180 twirl
Why don't you go back where you came from?
We don't want you in this world!

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled at them
And blessed them in my heart
Just take your Jesus and get out of here
They yelled at me: Depart!

We want our fun, you mindless one
Our TV shows and trash
How dare you come here and bring us down
Why, we ought to whip your a--!

Bring it on, my brothers
I said, opening my book
Turned my cheek and started again
In the glow of their angry looks

For God so loved the world, I read
And they pelted me with hate
That He gave His only begotten Son
As they screamed at me my fate

The crowd grew near yet I felt no fear
Even when they tore my clothes
For I saw a hand reach from the clouds
And into the sky I rose

Holding the book and reading still
I heard their astonished wails
They stared at me and to a man
They shouted "What the hell?!"

You're closer to it than I am
I pointed to the sod
You're on your way to Hades's gates
And I'm on my way to God

But wait! they pleaded, Don't leave us now!
Teach us how to fly!
And I looked down at their startled faces
And said, First, you'll have to die

Die to self and die to sin
And die to Satan's grip
And to a man, the words "I'm lost!"
Poured forth from anguished lips

I preached to them for many hours
And they prayed the sinner's prayer
Then the day grew late and they went their way
And left me alone up there

And in the darkness, I descended down
And the dew covered ground I met
Uh, Lord? I queried, What's going on?
And He said, "You're not dead yet."

©by Voo
May 7, 2006
11:00 p.m.