Friday, February 17, 2017


The Only Thing Missing

Hard park bench setting there

On the banks of the lake
Under the trees
Leaves hanging like jewels
With tiny breezes arranging them
Ever so lovingly with their little wind fingers
Not a cloud in the sky
Not a sound except for bird song
Not a footstep or a sigh
Not a hint of humankind
Not a scent of rain nor tear
Pristine and perfect
I sit and take in the scene
Silently and with reverence
That bench is where we met
Where we fell in love
Where we touched hands in wonder
Of love and were awed by the fear of it
That bench is sacred to me
Those trees are like palace guards
Those birds are like songwriters of my heart
That breeze is like the touch of your caress
That lake is like a silver mirror
Reflecting me and the bench and the trees
And the jewel-like leaves now hanging there like teardrops
The only thing missing is you.

©by Voo

Feb 19, 2005
 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Nobody's Valentine

Nobody's Valentine
Nobody's love
No cards cut in heart shapes
With a big snowy dove.

Nobody's Valentine
Nobody's girl
Just a tear stained little sad face
Looking out at the world.

Nobody's Valentine
Nobody's wish
Nobody's candy
And nobody's kiss.

Nobody's Valentine
Nobody's dream
Watching ads and those movies
Till I thought I would scream.

Nobody's Valentine
Nobody was here
To tell me they loved me
You know, just like last year.

Nobody's nobody
That's how I felt
Playing my Solitaire
With the hands I was dealt.

Nobody's Valentine
Remembering the past
Thinking red hearts and chocolates
Would make our love last.

Nobody's Valentine
Nobody's Cupid
Just another fake holiday
To make me feel stupid.

©by Voo
Just now 
spur of the moment
Feb 23, 13

Monday, February 13, 2017


The Pursuit

What would you give me for sunshine? he asked

And I said, I didn't know
As I stood in the rain and drowned in the pain
My eyes full of wistful and woe.

What would you give me for starshine? he asked

And I said, I didn't know
As I walked in the cold frozen white of the snow
With a million more miles to go.

What would you give me for roses? he asked

And I said, I didn't know
As I fell in the fever of the hot desert sand
And the night dropped to forty below.

What would you give me for solace? he asked

And I said, I didn't know
As I knelt in the gleam of the moon on the stream
My burning feet grateful below.

What would you give me for love? he asked

And I said, I didn't know
As I lifted my face to the stranger's embrace
My heart leapt and his answers told.

 ©by Voo
May 23, 2007
1:25 a.m.

Sunday, February 12, 2017



You married me for a little while

And then you had to go
I thought our love to death would last
But I didn't know.

That death was there within the bud

Of the new love that would bloom
And cold winds waited at the gate
Of the garden warmth of June.

But oh, the passion of your kiss!

The heat of your embrace!
The sweetness of your sultry smile,
The love there on your face!

I saw the things I longed to see

That weren't really there
And all I gave so freely of
You had no will to share.

And I, so wedded, always remained

While your heart rambled free
And gave your love to other fools
And never thought of me.

Until the day, of all that love

You found yourself deprived
And you came back to your first love
Where my joy had arrived.

And oh, the horror on your face!

To find that love had gone
And no one waited in that garden
And you felt so alone.

For I had waited a thousand years

That only came to three
And I had strained to hear your footsteps
Running back to me.

And in the madness that true love brings

When true love is denied
Sweet death embraced me in it's arms
When all my hope had died.

There in the garden of first love found

You heard the singing crows
No trace of me for your eyes to see
Just a single, solemn rose.

How sad that marriage seldom proves

The bonding of two souls
But one heart is full and one is empty
Like the beggars and their bowls.

©by Voo

Aug 19, 2016
11:31 p.m.