Tuesday, July 25, 2017


There Was a Sunrise

There was a sunrise
That never came
A day of darkness
And tearful rain.

There was a heart break
That tore in two
The part of me
That's part of you.

There was a sadness
That hid the joy
That lived inside
The girl and boy.

There was a knowing
That became wise
When you no longer
Looked in my eyes.

There was a silence
That louder grew
No longer hearing
The sound of you.

There was an emptiness
That filled my life
No worldly refuge
From worldly strife.

There was a coldness
That came to fill
The void of your warmth
That chills me still.

There was a a day
That changed my soul
And you laid down
Your greatest role.

For on that day
That came, I lost
My gift from Heaven
That bore no cost.

For us, but you
Paid everything
Your life, your love
That had no strings.

That day, that day
Was like no other
That endless day
I lost my mother.

You left  your body
And flew to Glory
And left us here
To tell your story.

And what is that
But endless love
Your songs and stories
A heart full of......

Such lovely laughter
Such sweet delight
The way you lit
The darkest night.

You were a mysterious
Mischievous you
A little kid
And a woman, too.

You loved your family
You loved the Lord
You worked at loving
And you worked hard.

You were always there
And you'd always be
A call from me.

But there were times
I didn't call
And I didn't know
How your heart would fall.

Till that day came
With no sunrise
With no glad welcome
There in your eyes.

I learned so quickly
How a heart can break
How a heart can give
What it cannot take.

I learned in sorrow
What I could not in joy
That your joy was living
For your girl and boy.

And now you're living
With the Lord above
Your glad feet running
Through His fields of love.

Our lives continue
Devoid of your cheer
And a deafening silence
Since you're not here.

The world feels different
Now that you're gone
Only a mother can make
 This world feel like home.

©by Voo
July 25, 2017
1:24 a.m.