Sunday, March 5, 2017


At Last

Nestled in
Our solitude
Like baby birds in downy nest
We croon to one another's tune
And sing our solaced hearts to rest.

Too many nights on rain-hued streets
Too many days in sunless cloud
We crept alone like keyless thiefs
And cried inside but not out loud.

Seeking for a silver lining
Searching for a bowl to fill
Looking for a life, untarnished
And love received, believed and real.

For in the dark woods of the memory
Was there we lost the taste of good
And wandered, lonely, like homeless gypsies
Begging love like it was food.

Until we stumbled
On one another
Until we fell in desperate grasp
In empty arms that bade us welcome
And made for us a home at last.

And there's no need for consolation
Regret, or time to mourn the lack
We lost our lives on haunted highways
And love has given our lives back.

And it is here
We'll dwell forever
To savor all the joy we've found
Like birds that sail on winds eternal
Our feet no more, to touch the ground.

by Voo
Feb 23, 13
10:18 p.m.