Sunday, March 5, 2017


Sadness Seem To Run On Forever

I gots them ole blues, baby, she said
Ain't nuthin no one can do 'bout it
Just a part o' life, that's all
Rainy days and lyin men friends
They brang on the blues, I reckon.

What you doin' settin out here cryin?
Purty young girl like you
Oughta be out dancin and shakin
What the good Lord gave ya
Instead, you settin here in the dark.

Chile, I knows all about "heartbroke"
I done wrote the book on "heartbroke"
Deed, I did and the sequel, too! hee hee
Why, my heart been broke so many times
You can see all the way to China through the cracks.

Ain't no sense cryin' over no man, honey, she said
Tomorrow you'll just meet anuther 'un
And he'll promise ya'll the moon
And give you a lil ole piece of fool's gold
And be done gone on down the road.

You listen to your Grandmama now, you hear?
Dry them eyes and listen to somebody what knows
God made us womenfolk stronger than them mountains
Deeper even than them lowest valleys, surely He did
Cause He know what kind of pain we gonna endure.

Ain't nuthin no more precious than a little baby girl
Nuthin! And if that no good low down man of you'rn
Ain't got sense enough to know that, then forget 'im!
Somebody somewheres in this world gonna find ya
And gonna love ya and be good to ya, you hear me?

Lordy, listen to that rain, will ya! Don't it sound sad?
Like the sky is cryin', don't it?
Well, I reckon even the sky gotta cry sometimes
Ever thang in this world gotta moan and weep, I guess
Joy just be like a phase but sadness seem to run on forever.

Come mere, baby, let me rock you a lil bit
I know I ain't what you wants to be a holdin you right now
But my arms, they know how to comfort somebody hurtin'
Ain't nuthin healin' like a hug, is it? 
No sireee, like a good ole hug
And I put my arms around my Grandmama and she cried, too.

© by Voo
Oct 26, 07
10:55 p.m.