Sunday, March 5, 2017


Thirteen Paper Airplanes

Thirteen paper airplanes later
I realized that boredom can kill
And I rounded them all up
From their landings in high and low destinies
And crashed them all into the fireplace.

What is about the weekend
That makes you feel like
Life is passing you by
Like you're missing out on some great something
That can only happen on a Saturday?

Saturdays used to be a time
For cartoons and serials and cereals
In big bowls full of milk and sugar
And stained pajamas and sleepy mamas
And all was right with the world when the t.v. was on.

Not any,  I can't stand the t.v.
With it's death-o-matic never ending gore
It's sound effects so ear-catching
It makes you want to pummel someone
Just to see if you can re-create that sound.

Talking heads spewing tele-prompted script
Offering opinion and counsel, advice and contempt
Cruel humor and sanctimonious noddings
That put you to sleep
Until the pre-arranged melee breaks loose.

The radio is no better
You hear the same tweaked songs
Over and over until you know them by heart
And you sing along until you figure out
That they're all the same song, just a different tune.

Sex sells. Oh, yeah?
Well, who wants sex that can be bought
For crying out loud? Isn't that dirty sex
That makes both the seller and the buyer dirty
Even if it is just a pornographic song?

So, why am I ranting and raving
On this beautiful, sunny Saturday?
Why am I thinking of these things
That make me upset in a deeply shallow way?
You tell me.

I think it's because
I'm alone in a world full of lonely people
Trying to find meaning in a meaningless morass
Of news, blues and Blue-toothed crazy people
Talking to themselves as they walk through K-Mart.

Maybe I should go to K-Mart myself
And buy some pretty colored papers
Colors like reds and golds and greens
Bring them home, get out the design book
And make more glorious airplanes.

Yawn. God, I've got to get a life!
Got one nobody is using?
One that's already been used up to the full
And discarded because it was just too exciting?
I'll take it. Long as it didn't belong to Cleopatra.

I hate snakes.

by Voo
May 23, 09
3:11 p.m.