Saturday, March 4, 2017


Observance of Joy

I stood in the quiet of the oncoming evening

And watched her in the garden, humming
Her hands dirty with the rich, black soil
Her blue dress, stained and ripped at the hem
And I loved her so I thought my heart would burst

Flowers surrounded her, the result of many hours

Vegetables, ripe and ready to be eaten, waited
Birds were shooed away and bugs, exterminated
All the while humming that lovely, unidentifiable tune
And I loved her so I thought my heart would sing

I had walked past her on my journey home

The workaday woes heavy on my mind
The incoming, outgoing, out of proportion paperwork
Still to be dealt with, still to be paid, lying on the desk
And I had passed her without glance or second thought

As I neared the door to hearth and home, I turned

Abruptly as if an unseen hand had turned me thus
And I watched her obliviously working on my dinner
Over my shoulder, quietly, in stunned awareness
And I loved her so much I thought my heart would break.

©By Voo
July 8, 07

for Sterling