Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WONDERING AT THE WINDOW..................collab w/Ray Gallon

Wondering  at the Window

Where is he, I wonder
And feel such an emptiness
I can barely bear it.

Was it only yesterday
That he left the rose
Upon my doorstep and fled?

Was it only the day before
That I slammed the door
There in his startled face?

What a fool I was
What a complete and utter fool
For I cannot remember the reason.

He told me he'd never let me go
He told me he'd drown in the rain
And burn in the sun.

He told me he'd stand outside the window
Until the stars fell down
And all the flowers cried.

But I just laughed
And pulled the blinds
And shut out his tearful eyes.

Now it is morning
And the sky is soft and serene
But there's a storm inside of me.

Where is he, I wonder
With my hand upon the sill
Where is my love and does he love me still?

©by Voo
Feb 28, 2017
3:06 a.m.

(painting by Ray Gallon
poem by Voo)