Thursday, August 10, 2017


This White Room

This white-walled room
Streaked with lavender
From the glass heart
Hanging in the window
In the sun...........

The heart you gave me
With a smile in your eyes
The heart that was shattered
By cruel unthinking hands
And was mended, restrung, on it's white silken cord.

My bare feet rest
On moon pale carpets
Strewn here and there
On hardwood floors
Clean and cold as a hard winter snow.

Silky white curtains
Flutter in day breeze,
Tease the book's pages
As it lies on the shelf
Reading to it's self of my long ago dreams.

And here sit I
In my satin and lace
White sofa covered with pillow and fur
Waiting, as I often do
For my life to go on......

Long, silver mirrors
Catch the odd glow of sun,
Of fragmented purple, of my long raven hair
And reflect back the silence
That the world cannot hear.

In the garden, a cat
And the song of a lark
Sharp smell of roses
And the whisper of trees
But I do not turn, I sit stiller than stone.

Waiting for footsteps to fall on the stair,
A door opening softly and the embrace of your eyes
Waiting for the smile that once out shined the sun
Waiting for forgiveness in a world that's gone dark.

Maybe today, I think, he'll come
He'll stand behind me, brushing my hair
Watching me watching him as I did in the mirror
Before I crushed his heart like the lavender glass
Now mended, restrung, on the cord in the sun.

Maybe today in this white room
The wind will blow my hair like ribbons,
The book will close and my heart find peace
Maybe today, on moon pale carpets
My sad, sad feet will stand up and dance.

A sound in the garden, not of cat or of bird
On the wind there's a sweetness
And a tasting of hope
Gently, the lavender heart starts to sway
And I watch it transfixed and I turn towards the door....

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                                Sadness and Sorrow

                                              by  Vadim Kiselev                            

©by Voo
Feb 24, 2010   
9:36 p.m.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Dagger Through The Heart
          ......Killing with words

I slump and bleed my life's blood
Out onto the ground
No bullet through the brain
No smothering without sound
No accident with car and tree
No one involved but you and me
No bomb, no blast, no driving past
But wounded, dying, just as fast.

Not in the back did the blow come
But in the heart and in the home
My eyes on yours as you stabbed there
And told me how you didn't care 
The twist it took me by surprise
More than the leaving and the lies
No pain like love that quietly dies
No weapon like your tongue.

I gasp as words like bullets fly
No defense from hatred in your eyes
I try to make you alibis
I love you as you kill me
And as you turn and walk away
I try in vain to make you stay
The heart it holds on to the day
As night descends forever.

My life and death are in your tongue
What seemed so right now shown so wrong
We sang two verses of a different song
And the curtain fell without notice
The dagger through the heart, it stings
A slow, sad death with no peace, brings
And as I sink, I see these things
That I could not see before.

©by Voo
September 17, 2005
 11:30 p.m.