Sunday, March 26, 2017


A Man Again

My life is like a shadowed room
With sun afraid to shine
But I would throw the windows open
If only, you were mine.

Cobwebs full of memories
Hang ’round this silent place
And everywhere my eyes might look
It’s there I see your face.

There is no music in this house
Except within my head
It followed you right out the door
Glanced back, and then fell dead.

I look around and see myself
A remnant of a man
A ghost that has no one to haunt
A soul without a hand.

For I would reach that hand to you
And let you taste my tears
And I would show myself to you
And let you see my fears.

If only you would come to me
If only you would come
And turn this ravaged heart of mine
Into your home sweet home.

It rains here every single night
It thunders out my pain
I cannot look upon the light
Till I see you again.

My bed lies un-used and un-made
For I no longer sleep
My dreams are fragile waking things
Not real enough to keep.

But midnights in the lightning’s flash
The mirror shows you true
Standing here alone with me
In love like I’m with you.

I do not move for if I do
Your sweet face fades away
And all my love and all my need
Cannot make you stay.

So I stand still and do not breathe
And do not speak out loud
But love you with my hungry eyes
No longer, cold and proud.

For when I was a mortal man
And not this apparition
I took for granted all I had
So full of supposition.

Then I woke up, a broken man
In this broken home
My sad voice echoing off the walls
Begging you to come.

Love, come, love, come !
Live here with me again
Bring back the days I counted loss
Not knowing what I’d gained.

The past is never truly gone
I know that for a fact
But show me where you threw my love
And I’ll go get it back.

My life is like a shadowed room
And your smile is the sun
If you’ll just meet me half way, love
The rest of the way, I’ll run.

I’d tear these dusty cobwebs down
If you gave me a sign
I know I could be a real man again
If  you were only, mine.

©by Voo

April 26, 2011
9:31 p.m.


Beautiful song that inspired the write
Love Come harmony duo with Sarah