Thursday, August 25, 2016


Whistling in the Dark

I whistled for you in the dark because that was our sign
That and the tiny candle spark between your house and mine
For many years from childhood's dawn till present day and now
That whistle brought my love to me without me ever knowing how.

At midnight by the hollow tree by full moon's yellow rising
You'd meet me there and pull my hair and I'd laugh at your surprising
We'd whisper all our secrets then and tell the day's events
And share our hearts and minds and souls till the velvet night was spent.

Those souvenirs from carnivals, those roses from the garden
We'd fight like silly kids sometimes, then beg one another's pardon
My brother didn't like your brother, my grandpa hated yours
But you and I were peas in a pod, of that much we were sure.
A boy and girl born in the world and trying not to grow
Like other people that we knew and didn't want to know
We promised oaths and swore on notes signed with two drops of blood
That till we died we'd guard and guide forever if we could.
Those crazy, hazy summer days down by the fishing hole
I'd sneak and meet you afternoons, carrying my pole
Sometimes we'd fish but often as not, we'd take off in to the woods
Exploring trees and birds and bees and always being good.

When evening'd come, I'd run back home and face my mother's wrath
And cry my phony little cry while behind my hand I'd laugh
And after supper, I'd go to bed to pretend to read my book
Then whistle for you in the dark and meet you by the brook.

One night I met you just like always though we never had a plan
And on that night with second sight I saw you as a man
And you saw me with silken hair and dewy eyes that shone
With love for you forever true and for you and you alone.

We didn't understand the change, we didn't know just how
But the little boy and girl were gone and sweethearts were we now
And in the midnights we would meet, for the days had lost their charms
My whistle in the dark would bring you running to my arms.

Such teen-aged angst we suffered through, such hellish longing pain
In snow and sleet, we two would meet, in moonlight and in rain
Those sweet, long years we carried on, our secret safe, we thought
Then came the day, fate looked our way and in the lantern's glow, were caught.

My brother beat you half to death, or at least it seemed to me
Your grandpa dragged you by the arm but you smiled at me so bravely
We couldn't make them understand, we couldn't make them feel
The love we shared, still innocent, was nonetheless, so real.

For weeks, we saw not one sad glance pass between your eyes and mine
So closely did they watch us then, we dared not give our sign
Then I couldn't stand it anymore, I didn't want to live
Without your lips there on my hair, I had nothing left to give.

I crept out in the still of night while the household was asleep
But I couldn't whistle one note because all I could do was weep
Then I felt your arms around me and I felt your lips on mine
And the desperation made our determination grow bolder with the time.
We ran away that night together, we ran so far away
We ran till nights and days passed into other nights and days
And all our days were spent together, all our lives were spent
And now I sit alone and wonder where all that sweet time went.

You didn't mean to leave me here, you didn't mean to go
You kissed me like you always did and then you turned to show
That little grin you always gave me and said you'd be back soon
But your spirit left that worn out body and went sailing past the moon.

Past the sun and Milky Way, the planets out in space
Up to Heaven and left me here, remembering your face
Remembering our childhood days, our teen-aged rebel nights
I look for you at every turn but you are not in sight.

I'm going back to my old hometown to see what I can see
My folks are gone and I'm alone and no one remembers me
I'm going to the fishing hole, I'm going to the brook
I'm going to my old bedroom full of dusty unread books.

And now here I sit on the window seat in the old home place once more
The threadbare curtains blowing back in my room on the second floor
I light a candle for a moment and wave it, throwing spark
And all night I cry, telling you goodbye and whistling in the dark.

©by Voo
December 7, 2004 10 p.m.