Monday, January 30, 2017


So Different, So Alike

I think it
And you say it
I feel it
And you expose it
I want it
And you with hold it
I with hold it
And you want it.

You and I, we
Dance to differerent drummers
But we're always in rhytmn.

Why is that?
What is that?
How can we think and say
And feel and rub raw
The sameness and the differences
Of who we are?

I am a mystery
And you are an enigma
I am the feather
And you are the wind.

You make me crazy
I make you mad
You make me go
But I don't go far.

The key is this, perhaps
If there has to be a reason,
An explanation or an answer
To this question of us..............

Like calls to like
And deep unto deep
Your depth moves me to great passion
And expression
And I think that when you look at your reflection
In the pool of my eyes, (however deep or shallow)
You see yourself there
And oftimes you like what you see.

I may be only a fragile feather
But in the breath of the wind which is you, 
I can always find a  new way to dance
Resting assured that you won't let me fall.

Right???  Hello!!!

Tell me what I'm thinking right now
It's there on your tongue
My soul keeps no secrets from you
Tell me!  (please)

Yes, that is correct!
Mmmm, baby, you read me so well
But stop that reading and learning and
Exposing my innermost thoughts now.
Put what you have seen and read and learned 
Without me saying a word..... 
To good use.

Neither of us are with holding
And both of us are wanting
I feel it, you say it
And we're both on the same page
For now. 

You'll make me crazy and I'll make you mad
We'll run off screaming in separate directions eventually
And circle back again

Wondering how we can be so different and yet so very same
Only God knows how all this works................
But only we know how it works so good.

Look at me, baby, Read me.
Speak out what my heart is feeling
For nobody can read me like you.

At your convenience, of course
You drive by lover
For even a little light reading
Is better than no reading at all.

I have no idea if you'll ever get to page 893 
But that one's a doozy
And we're both gonna be real happy
When you get there! Promise! 

I know we could keep talking in shorthand
 And short verses and tiny verses
But at this point 
I could use a couple of hard bound dictionaries
 Full of words pulled from my heart and spoken by your mouth.

 My words, your words, our words
Thoughts and sayings and feelings 
And exposes' that show those feelings are real.

We need  to be together. 
I think it, you say it.
I feel it and you reveal it to public scrutiny;
But the only opinions we need are ours
Speak your mind! I'm impatient now.
  Can't you feel it? I only hear your silence.

And the next time you say Go.......
I just might not come back.
But I will be sadder than hell
 And I'll be very mad at the idea of your reading
Another girl's thoughts 
And speaking them out for her to hear.

I hope you only find closed minds
And empty thoughts that bore you to tears
And  yeah, your're right, I am jealous
For your mouth belongs to me.
Enigma, my foot! 
 Look at me......I know you better 
Than you'll ever know yourself!!!
No matter how different we are...........
Hear my heart for it knows
We're just alike.

©voo aug 12   2016
  4:39 a.m.