Sunday, March 5, 2017


Broken Arrow

"I don't want to fight with you,"
He said as he drew near
"These fights are tearing me apart
And they're drowning you in tears."\

"I don't know why you cannot see
And why you cannot feel
The love I have for you alone
Is good and strong and real."

He tried to turn my face to his
But my heartbreak wouldn't turn
He tried to cool my raging heart
But I just stood and let it burn.

And silence grew as he walked out
His sighs trailing soft behind him
I knew that I should beg him stay
But I knew where to find him.

And when the day had gone to dark
And foolish fled my eyes
I went in humble apology
To lay beneath the skies.

Before I approached, before I spoke
He jumped up to his feet
Brought out a present wrapped in fur
And handed it to me.

His hand, my protest, brushed away
Then shook back his long dark hair
And when I'd opened the mysterious thing
An arrow lay broken there.

My eyes sought his in pale moonlight
And questioned his silent face
He took my hand and closed it over
A heart shaped stone in place.

"This arrow is my vow to you."
He said defiantly
"I will not fight the one I love
And you won't fight with me."

"This heart of stone is what I had
Before I learned to trust
And now that you've taught me how to love
See, this stone heart turns to dust."

And he crushed my hand around the stone
And the stone to pieces flew
"This piece is me all lonely broken
And this piece here is you."

"Our people fought a thousand wars
With bow and arrow bold
But this one battle I will not fight
Though I die alone and old."

And he took me in his warrior's arms
And kissed the silver tears
Shining on my lover's face
That had not smiled at him in years.

The broken arrow crushed between us
As we melded into one
No longer remembering what the war was about
But knowing the fighting was done.

I brushed the dust of the powdery stone
Away from my hands and my face
Turned to the man with a smile like the sun
Our two crushed, broken heart stones replaced.

©by Voo
Sept 18, 07
2:53 a.m

Broken Arrow by Rod Stewart