Saturday, October 21, 2017



Fugitive From Love

(a modern day outlaw tale with no happy ending)

I am a fugitive from love
I’ve been on the run for years
I’ve been shot down by heart break bullets
My eyes shed blood red tears.

I am a fugitive from love
Afraid of that lovin’ stuff
Don’t want no fancy free liaisons
No one night romance fluff.

I am a fugitive from love
I only move at night
When love shines it’s light down on me
I keep out of sight.

I am an outlaw running free
I live by no one’s rules
I believe no lies so don’t even try
For I am no longer a fool.

That man, he broke my baby heart
He took away my soul
So I became a fugitive
Hiding in the cold.

(And now you think that you can arrest me
You’re surprised when I resist)
Put on these handcuffs, you say to me
And I’ll lock them with a kiss.

You’ll never take me alive, I say
You’ll never make me stay
I am a fugitive from love
And I will run away.

You shook me by my shoulders
So rigid with pride yet soft
And you said, You’re talking crazy, girl
Baby, that’s crazy talk.

But crazy or no, I will not go
Be led away in chains
You tell me love is getting healed
But all I see is pain.

But I let you persuade me a little
I relented and resigned to my fate
I forgot to forget for a minute
But as you slept, I crept out and escaped.

And I ran and I ran and I ran
Through the night and the stars and the rain
And I cried and I cried and I cried
As I caught that southbound train.

I am a fugitive from love
A woman, scarred and torn
An innocent victim of the pain
That simply can’t be borne.

It hunts me like a prisoner
Though I have committed no crime
It convicts me in the court of love
But I will serve no time.

I am a fugitive from love
An outlaw running free
So skilled am I, don’t even try
You cannot capture me.

You cannot capture me
You cannot capture me
I am a fugitive from love
And you cannot capture me.

©by Voo
Feb 16, 2004

secret garden by Bruce Springsteen