Tuesday, March 7, 2017


warm me

warm me, my love, i am so cold.........

i can't feel my fingers tracing the frozen tears
falling from my eyes
flowing down my cheeks onto your heart.

warm me, my love, i long for flame

red like passion, hot like fire, strong like wine
melt me like the glacier that i am, i was, i am.....
i no longer want to be.

warm me, my love, with the glance of your eyes

the touch of your hand, the breath of your mouth
so cold....
so you were, too.

in the waiting of the wanting of the needing, 

of the void that grasps the loveless.... 
and pulls us down into it's depths
to lie frozen in the silence of a darkened sky.

warm me, my love, burn me as i burn you

coming to life now in this desperation of desire
this heat that flickered low but never died
never died. never died. never died......

but lives now in this newest of days and nights 

and dreams
warming......warming......blazing now with love
your touch is like fire, your love is like a potion
i drink......i feel.....i love....i burn....i melt

the glacier gone forever.

©by voo

november 14, 2004
7:38 p.m 

                   oh, you gotta play this song                           
 while you read this poem!!! 
 You just gotta!!!!!!

Don't Let Me be Lonely Tonight
by Issac Hayes