Sunday, April 2, 2017


Voo reading the poem on soundcloud

Found On A Blue-Green Sea

We sailed upon a blue-green sea
My love and I, that night
Beneath a moon of solid gold
And stars, silent and bright.

We clung to love with wanting arms
And spoke of things to come
Of fire and cold and growing old
And paths that lead to home.

We drank the night like it was wine
And whispered in the wind
Laughed at all the lonely years
And what almost could have been.

We'd found the faces we could love
In crowds of loveless hearts
And made our pact, no going back
To romantic stops and starts.

(Maybe love is magic
And maybe love is glue
And only love can mend the seams
Of a life that's torn in two.)

But in that lovely little ship
Beneath those stars so bright
We solved the mysteries of our lives
As we sailed into the light.

Sometimes we don't know who we are
Till in a lover's eyes we see
All we ever hoped and dreamed
And all that we could be.

We nestled down in harboring hearts
Like treasures found and kept
While wind and sea carried us to shore
And in arms of love, we slept.

painting of Voo by M. Adams

©by Voo
Dec 1, 07
11:11 p.m.

The Promise by Secret Garden..................the most beautiful melody I ever heard