Monday, April 3, 2017


Fix You guitar instrumental

Wounded Paradise

Drunk on love,
Can hardly walk
With my eyes full of the sun.....
Stumbling down this hard dirt road
Like an outlaw on the run.

I didn't see it coming
I didn't know it's name
I didn't see what's left of me
Would never be the same.

Hard to know
When love is real
And when it's just real bad....
So worldly when it comes to that
So worldly, but so sad.

Her face was full of danger
Her lips were wet with dew
Her dark eyes told me silently
"I've been waiting here for you."

And so I fell
Into her arms
Her wounded Paradise.....

Drank until I'd had my fill
Of the sweetness of her lies.

Like an madness in the midnight
Like a dream about to end
Like a dying bird that's dropping
In a sea of drowning men.

She loved me
And she healed me
With a love I've never touched.....
Then she kissed me and she killed me
With a death I loved so much.

She's an angel and a devil
She's a heart about to break
She's a cool, cool drink of water
To a man with thirst to slake.

But when morning came,
She said to me
As the sun rose in the sky......
"You cannot stay, be on your way."
And she didn't say goodbye.

My heart filled with rejection
My eyes, with unshed tears
Once more a little boy unloved
Like I'd been for countless years.

I tipped my hat,
Walked out her door
Staggered by it all......
Walking, turning, hoping, hoping
But I never heard her call.

©by Voo
July 10, 2010

10:31 p.m.