Monday, April 17, 2017


Lucy Had A Lover

Lucy had a lover
Every day till noon
They met at dawn and carried on,
Wrote songs about the moon.

Lucy had a lover
A tender, sweetie pie
He chased her 'round the bed and chair
And never made her cry.

Lucy had a lover
With eyes as dark as coal
He was her man, she had a plan
And marriage was her goal.

Lucy had a lover
Such depths he took her to
Up to the skies with passion's cries
His love was strong and true.

Lucy had a lover
But one day he didn't show
He didn't write, he didn't call
And she thought she'd never know.

Lucy had a lover
One morning he came back
He slipped in looking worried
Like he'd been leaving tracks.

Lucy had a lover
She forgave him for the strife
She knew she loved a mysterious man
But she didn't know his wife.

Lucy had a lover
But that love was over soon
His wife had lost the job she worked
Every day till noon.

Lucy lost her lover
And the wife lost her belief
He left them both for greener pastures
That he's buried underneath.


By Voo
April 26, 09
9:18 p.m.