Saturday, April 22, 2017


Red Curtains

Leaving home, I looked back one more time
At the little yard that needed to be raked
The old car that cried out for new tires
The flower garden that refused to grow a rose
And my heart jumped into my throat.

Dewey, the dog, barked once
And then sat there staring at me
With big, moist eyes as if he knew
He'd never see me again.

It was dawn and the dew was cold
On my bare feet
For I had crept out silently
Carrying my shoes and my suitcase.

"Goodbye, Mama." I said under my breath
"Goodbye, Daddy." "Goodbye, house."
For you were waiting down the highway
And when they'd awake, I'd be long gone.

Then a bluebird on the rooftop
Started singing and it made me cry
Starkly contrasted against Mama's red curtains
In that window frame of white.

How that image has stayed with me
All these years down all these roads
Dewey's eyes and the bluebird's song
And those red, red curtains
Faded now, I'm sure, to pink.

July 28.07