Wednesday, April 12, 2017


So We Got a Little Crazy

So we got a little crazy

When the clock struck twenty-three
As the waiters in their penguin suits
Served champagne to you and me.

"Come here often?" asked your dark eyes

"No, not once." replied my own
"Then, you're lost and I have found you."
"Can I escort you back home?"

"You're a bold one aren't you, darling?"

"No, I'm really kind of shy."
And we did a silent tango
As you looked me in the eye.

"Care to dance?" you asked politely

As you pulled me to the floor
"No, not really." I protested
"I don't do dancing anymore."

"Is that a fact, now?" as you swirled me

And my hips began to sway
Your hand gliding down my bare back
As inhibitions fled away.

"More champagne?" you breathed in my ear

"I dare not." I tried to speak
But you pulled me closer to you
And my lips fell on your cheek.

"Waiter, bring another bottle!"

Sliding back the velvet chair
And we talked for thirty hours
Till no waiters waited there.

Then I sat on the piano

As you played "Tenderly" for me
In your bare-feet and my bare-feet
Till the clock struck eighty-three.

I was just in town for four days

You were just in town for ten
And you had no time for chasing
And I had no time for men.

But there was something in your dark eyes

And the way you sang a song
Made me wish I had a songbook
And that I could sing along.

Round 'bout dawn we heard a bell chime

And a sleeping waiter's snore
We put our shoes on and we tiptoed
Through the room and out the door.

In the shadow of the awning

You pulled me to you in the mist
Kissed my mouth with such conviction
That I knew that I'd been kissed.

"It's been great." I murmured softly

"Yes." you said with some delay
Then we got a little crazy
And both turned and walked away.

©by Voo

April 11, 09
11:35 p.m.

                                         TENDERLY  on piano......I love this