Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Start the music now................join in the cosmic dance.

Alien Eyes

Dancing after midnight, dreaming
With eyes as black as coals
Floating off the dew dropped meadows
With sadness in our souls.

Silver vessels watching us
As we begin our dance
We'd journeyed long looking for solace
To seek our second chance.

The darkened space, a hungry mouth
That swallows by degrees
We left the galaxies behind
That would not hear our pleas.

On angel's wings we do not fly
Nor walk the way of men
We dance step like the evening breeze
That's the way it's always been.

Music from the Universe
Fills our inhuman hearts
We long to join the symphony
But we are shunned apart.

But dance me now, my shadow lover
Dance me to the dawn
For night will end and with the morning
In silence we'll be gone.

Celestial beings love the earth
Like earthlings love the sky
But they will never know this freedom
Until the day they die.

We dance in light, we live in night
In joyous sweet despair
We watch them as they walk below us
And they never know we're there.

Our slender hands now joined together
We dance around the moon
And sigh to leave this place of beauty
For we'll be flying soon.

The earthlings do not often treasure
And rarely recognize
The wonder of this world we covet
With our dark alien eyes.

We love this world, we love this sky
That they barely give a glance
But tonight it's ours and we are happy
Tonight we come to dance.


©by Voo
Oct 28, 07
7:17 p.m.