Tuesday, May 30, 2017

ALL I WANT by request

All I Want

Young and ancient in my heart
I yearn to feel alive
I long to feel the touch of love
And know the reasons why

Why life is sad and days are long
Just something to get through
I need to know why I was born
And I want to know the truth

Friends? I never had a friend
At least someone I could trust
I thought I had one who loved me
But all it was was lust

My innocence was lured away
My trusting soul rejected
My emotions killed with cruel disdain
And my heart cries were neglected

All day I search the sky for God
All night I cringe in fear
My sleep is stolen by nightmares
And I feel no angel near

I walk the streets alone and cold
Even in the sunlight's glow
And laugh my bitter hardened laugh
That hides a broken soul

Too young! they tell me, you're too young
To feel like you should die
You have no reason to feel this way
To have sorrow in your eyes

But they don't know, they cannot know
How my heart longs to fly free
They see my youth, my unwrinkled brow
But I know they don't see me

I reach a halting outstretched hand
Sometimes to others when
They slap my hand and I say then
I'll never reach again

This nothingness is heavy
This emptiness is full
How can I believe that kindness lives
When all I see is cruel?

My life is like a bottomless pit
I tumble down and down
In dream and shadow, falling, hopeless
And laughing like a clown

And all I want is for someone
To fill up this widening crack
For God to reach down from the sky
And pat me on the back.

©By Voo
May 27, 2005
 11:30 pm