Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dark Were The Shadows a collab by Voo and Michael Montoya

Dark Were The Shadows

where have you been.....?
 all those nights... 
dark were the shadows
 I  walked across... 
 knowing you were there..

Voo.... in your silken wonder
 of unfinished poetry
   now just touch my fingertips..
 and  watch the Universe..

I was there beyond the shadows
beyond the untouchable
     watching you hesitate
and then run
in desperate determination.....

search the twilight now, Michael
             it's there you'll find my face
it's there you'll taste the promise
of a delicacy few have ever known......

what if I go mad
and be lost
in that search for you, my sweet?
for the face that launched a thousand ships...
was  still only beauty... as the softest flower..

a taste of forbidden dreams
will never satisfy ... my Soul... Voo
only the touch of your fingertips
upon my cheek 
will ever do...

then wear your madness, Michael
like a cloak to shield your Soul
for who's to say
if you find me outside your dreams?

I am not only..... a face and flower
I am Love and Breath and Joy
but I have sharp thorns that sometimes pierce
and take my joy in pain.................

collab by
Voo & Michael Montoya
May 28, 2017
8:24 p.m.


                         Spanish guitar music by Al Marconi