Monday, May 1, 2017


Death by Deja Vu

Remembering things
That have not come to pass
I drank the sands of time
In polished glass
In mirrored halls
On checker-boarded floors
I danced the waltz
In rooms that had no doors
And then by some degree
I could not say
I crawled beyond the night
Into the day
'Twas there in amber dawn
I saw the key
Held in the hand of one
Who looked like me
Floating just above
An azure pool
With veils that blew in winds
Of fire, yet cool
She looked at me
And smiled a taunting smile
Put out her hands
And held me for a while
I could not speak
There were no words to say
She read my thoughts
And whispering, slipped away
And as the morning came
I saw the stream
That wandered through the world
Within the dream
Mad and maddening,
Like ends that have no start,
The sun exposed
The hollows in my heart
I could not find the path
That leads to love
I could not grasp the hand
Within the glove
So I turned back
To seek the house of stone
From which I had escaped
And stood alone
And in my hand, a key
I had not found
Turned in an ancient lock
Without a sound
My house, my house
The place I knew so well
With towers high
And cellars deep in hell
The ballroom called to me
And off I ran
And the girl there in the mirrors,
Began her dance again.


©by Voo
September 13, 09
 3:13 a.m.