Monday, May 8, 2017


I'll Come In Storm Clouds

Hear the rain
Fall on the glass
Small wet drops
Now coming fast.

Hear the thunder
How it roars
Let’s run to bed now
And bolt the doors.

Hear the lightning
See it strike
It’s going to be
An electric night.

Light the candles
Pour the wine
The night is yours
And you are mine.

Read me poetry
You wrote for me
Look through my eyes
See what I see.

I’ll kiss the words
Right off your mouth
Unleash the passion
And pour it out.

Your hands are velvet
Your hands are steel
I’ve much to teach them
About how to feel.

I’ll dance for you
In candle glow
And show you things
That you don’t know.

For rain awakes me
And thunder calls
But lightning evokes me
Most of all.

For I am thunder
And I am rain
And I come as lightning
To strike again.

This breath I breathe
I breathe for you
This feast in my eyes
Is prepared for you.

Come, let us taste
Come, let us dine
On rain and thunder
And love and wine.

My heart is hungry
My need is great
Love, be my banquet
I cannot wait.

The night is passing
Tomorrow dawns
But rush of passion
Goes on and on.

I cannot stop now
Till this storm has quit
It drives me onward
With each lightning hit.

And you, my wildness
And you, my joy
Inspire my wiles to
Further employ.

Till daylight breaks
And night has fled
And we lie happy
In this rumpled bed.

The candles burned down
To melted pools
The wine drops warming
In glass still cool.

I kiss your face
You touch my hair
And all the fires
Still smolder there.

Let’s sleep awhile
Let’s dream and then
Wait for the storm
To stir up again.

You’ll be my desert
Thirsty anew
And I’ll come in storm clouds
And rain on you.

Play both videos at same time
for best effect!

©by Voo

March 13, 2010