Friday, May 26, 2017


In The Moonlight Deep

I'm dancing in the moonlight deep
I'm dancing in the sun
I'm dancing in the mountain keep
That holds no heart but one.

Like echoes from another time
I sing my songs of joy
And hunt for treasures with the tools
My heart finds to employ.

The eagle watches silently
The deer observes my dance
The brown wren seeks to settle near
But doesn't take the chance.

I bathe in waters crystal clear
And purify my self
Lie in the smoke of sweet grass scent
Till there is nothing left.

I speak the words of holy men
I pray my fathers' chants
I see the visions Spirit sends
When I stand up and dance.

And I'm dancing at the rainbow's end
I'm dancing in the streams
I'm dancing on the tall green hills,
In the valleys of my dreams.

Like Turtle crawls in perseverance
And Wolf howls in the night
I laugh at Trickster's fun and games
And keep out of his sight.

And on I go through falling rain,
In morning's sparkling dew
Into the haunted realms of men
Until I find you.

(If you are Shadow,
I am Light
But I crave you
Like Day craves Night.

In Warrior Dance
And ancient tongue
I'll dance to arms
Where I belong.)

An empty heart compels me go
Though I keep it hidden well
And feet of longing carry me
To the place no man can tell.

And I'm dancing in the twilight blue
I'm dancing in the sky
I'll dance until the vow is kept
Upon the day I die.

I'm dancing in the midnight dark
I'm dancing in the embers
Of a fire that burned so long ago
Not a living soul remembers.

But I remember when I dance
And all the secrets keep
To give back to the One Who Waits
There in the moonlight deep.

©by Voo
April 4, 09
6:41 p.m.

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