Tuesday, May 9, 2017


 Seduction In Pale Glow

Candy, he said
You taste like candy
The imported kind
That costs a week's salary.

And that perfume you wear
What's it called?
No, wait, I don't want to know
Let it remain a mystery.

Your skin feels like silk
Arabian silk that glides like the ripple
Of a stone across a pond
Smooth, you know? Like that.

And look at that hair
Miles of it!
Have you ever cut it? No?
Then promise me you never will.

Where do you buy your clothes?
They're beautiful, stylish
You look like you just stepped 
Out of the pages of a magazine.

I bet you sing, don't you?
I bet you sing like a bird, an angel, even
Would you sing to me, for me?
I know you sing just listening to you talk.

You have a laugh that makes the soul happy
And that twinkle in your eye, marvelous!
I could sit here in this candlelight 
And look at you until the end of time.

Let's dance, shall we?
What wonderful music, I love it
A samba? A rumba? The bossa nova?
I don't care as long as we dance.

Look at you! Are you a professional?
I've never seen such grace, such beauty, such excitement
You shine like a diamond, a diamond, I tell you!
Would you be my diamond? My precious jewel?

Let's go outside into the garden
Get some air, let me catch my breath
You take my breath away, you make me weak
I've never met anyone like you before.

Is it alright if I kiss you again?
Like this? Look at me! Into my eyes
Can you see the fire you have kindled?
I'd better stop before I am consumed by it.

But no! I can't! I don't want to!
Your lips are soft and luscious
And they were made to be kissed
You taste like candy, did I tell you that?

Look at that moon! Isn't it incredible?
See how your eyes shine in it's pale glow
I know there's no music here but I want to hold you
Tight here in my arms till the morning comes.

Sing to me and we'll slow dance
Anything you want, I don't care
Yes, that's it! How sweet and special you are
You make me feel like I was just born tonight!

Would you like some champagne?
A night cap on the way home? Anything you like
Your wish is my command, my princess
For you I'll be a willing slave.

Tell me where you live
Is it far? It doesn't matter, we'll drive all night
It feels so good to have you here beside me
I feel like a prince in a fairy tale story.

Driver, stop the car! What's wrong, my darling?
Speak to me! Are you ill? What can I do?
Why are you looking at me like that?
What have I done, my love, to make you sad?

Where are you going? Why are you running?
You mustn't go into the forest, it's dark
Look! There's a storm brewing, you must come back
Come back, I tell you, this is madness! Madness!!!

Driver, where did she go? Did you see where she went?
What do you mean, she who? The girl, the beautiful girl!
Are you insane, man? The girl from the restaurant!
The girl in the back seat of this town car with me!

No! Get away from me! I'm not intoxicated!
There was a girl, I tell you! You must have seen her!
We danced, we drank champagne, she sat there at the table
And then we danced in the courtyard and she kissed me.

She tasted like candy. Like candy
And that perfume! Intoxicating! A mysterious fragrance
Skin like silk and long, raven hair, those glorious eyes!
I loved her the moment I saw her.

We must call someone. They must find her
She's out there alone in the forest, it's dreadful
Would you go and look for her, please?
Don't look at me like that, I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy.

Look, it's pouring rain now. Lightning.
That beautiful white dress will be soaked
She'll be so cold. So cold. I must find her....
Alright, take me home, driver, we'll call someone.

Good morning, man, may I see the paper?
I didn't sleep a bit last night, I walked the floor
Wait! What's that? That picture! It's the girl, I tell you!
One year anniversary of her death! It couldn't be!

She was there! With me! In my arms!
We danced, we talked, we laughed
We drank champagne, we kissed
 She tasted like candy, like candy, I tell you
Like candy.

 ©By Voo
Sept 24, 07 midnight

Almost Blue by Chet Baker