Monday, May 15, 2017


 The Realm of Sleep

Walking in the darkness
Drowning in the deep
I see the things I cannot see
Outside the realm of sleep.

I see the dread and deadly things
The strangers in the night
I see the ugly, monstrous things
That dawn keeps out of sight.

I feel the ancient yearning for
The knowledge I don’t know
And reach for dangers in the dark
That mystify my soul.

And yet the urge to wander on
Keeps me from drawing back
Exploring continents unknown
And swimming through the black.

I walk a warrior in my heart
My step, unheard and light
I bound to mountain top and sea
A creature of the night.

In that dream world, I feel no fear
I feel no self disdain
I master every challenge there
And dance upon the rain.

Not every sleep will take me there
Those visits seldom come
But when they do, I hurry in
Like a lost child going home.

© by Voo
June 1, 05 
9:13 PM