Tuesday, June 6, 2017

DREAM and MAGIC and the RAIN

DREAM and MAGIC and the RAIN

Drifting off to the land of dreams
In a soft and downy bed
I kissed the shoulder
I love and where
I often lay my head.

Your eyes were laughing though barely open
And I wondered why you did
Your body shook
With joy's suppression
Just like a naughty kid.

"Come here, Woman!" You said to me
And pulled me to your arms
And I fought back
With mock rejection
And rebuffed all your charms.

"Do you want me?" your sweet mouth asked
And I just shrugged and leapt
Up from the bed
And to the closet
Where my treasures all were kept.

I heard the thunder rumble then
And the rain fell on the roof
I pulled on
My silky see through gown
And asked, "Do you need proof?"

I heard you sigh that little sigh
Just as the lights went out
I lit a candle
Opened all the windows
And you said, "I had no doubt."

The storm went wild outside our walls
Like horses running free
And there inside
My sweet sweet love
Went wild and reached for me.

The see through silk lay on the floor
Your fingers grasped my hair
And in that magic
Of dream come true
We didn't have a care.

We loved till oceans became rivers
And rivers became a stream
Till passion's rain
Lulled us to sleep
And the magic turned back to dream.

©by Voo
April 15, 2012
10:00 p.m.

Rain and Thunder effects