Saturday, June 17, 2017


Hallmark Moments
that never were

I had a Hallmark moment once
With my dad....................
The trouble is, I don't remember it
And looking at this photo here
We both looked scared too death
Of one

What is it
I am supposed to remember
And would I want to remember
Anything if I could?
And I wonder what it was
That he remembered about me
In the long icy years 
Before he passed from this life?

I remember my Pa, my daddy's daddy
And how much fun we had together
And how he laughed at all my antics
As we went fishing or riding
Or  just to the store
Where he'd buy me Grapettes and candy 
And I'd always want more.

I remember horses and cattle barns and sawdust at auctions
And how excited they'd be cause they thought it was slick
When I'd run down and do my "horse whisperer" trick
Coming home with a truck full and most of them, free
Cause they couldn't be tamed by nobody but me.

I remember playing cowboys and indians
And robbers and cops
Setting the sawmill on fire with my little friend, Eddie
 And how bad we felt
When the whole thing went up.

I remember I loved all the animals
And they all loved me
But I really loved horses
And I hadn't a care
I would sneak out and sleep in the stables beside them
And Mama would scream when she found me there.

I remember Mama's song writing
And singing and ironing
Her fried chicken and biscuits
And Ma's apple cakes 
The country way Ma talked
Calling asparagus "Sparegrass"
And it was embarrassing to us kids
But boy, she could bake!

I remember the creek and the bridge
And the swimming hole in summer
Sitting on the stock-gap and up in the trees
Playing circus and clowns
With my brothers and sisters
Writing poetry for hours
'Bout the birds and the bees.

I remember sharing Ma's secrets
And going through her treasures 
Stealing chocolate covered cherries
That she thought I couldn't see
And how she would rail then
But she knew it was me.

I remember pet cats and dogs 
And squirrels and horses
Rabbits and pigs
And geese and goats
Cows and chickens
That Pa sold me for pennies
Like peacocks and turtles
But I hated the guineas.

I remember Mama dressing up
In outrageous costumes
Coming round to the door
And fooling our dad
Who thought she was a stranger
And how we all laughed
But he never saw funny, he always got mad.

I remember  gallons of ice cream and Ma's baby brother
Visiting the kinfolk that lived far off a ways
Working hard in the summer and sneaking off on Ole Dan
Riding up in the hills and staying all day.

I remember a lot of things
And some of them good
But most times were bad
Just because of my Dad
And to make a bad rhyme here:
That is so sad.

I wish I could remember him loving me 
Like a daddy should love
His own little girl
And him making me giggle
And buying me toys
But all I remember is his sad, angry world.

And in light of that memory
I've tried to make all my life
One big Hallmark moment
In the joy and the strife.........
And sometimes, I failed
And sometimes I succeeded 
But there have been many and I'm proud of that.

©By Voo 
June 17, 2017
10:47 p.m.

dedicated to Fathers everywhere
Please make happy times
For your kids to remember
For after all,
what else is left of you when you go
but the memories?

                                                         Remember by Sarah Mc Lachlan

Giving Away  Laughter by John Trudell