Monday, June 12, 2017


The Story of the Storm

I hear it now, the thunder roaring
Warning me of rain to come
Warning me of winds to blow
Waiting for you here at home

 I hold my breath, anticipating
Waiting for the drops to fall
The first hot hits of  lovely lightning
The violent wind to howl it's call

And where are you, my best beloved
In this prologue of gothic weather?
Are your ears tuned in to the thunder
As my heart aches to be together?

You know how I love the thunder so
And I've always danced in rain
Never feared a lightning bolt
And a storm takes away my pain

Look, the skies grow darker now
See the clouds scroll back to let
The rain pour down on dry dust as
I run out to the wet

Ah, there it comes, the  pouring rain
And here it comes, the wanting you
And there you are, the welcomed home
Into my hungry arms on cue

And the tale is told
And the deed is done
And the end finds it's place
In the sleep of the sun

But what of the epilogue
And what of the end?
When the storm has passed over
And has taken the wind?

Will we lie down in wonder
Or cower in fear
That the storm sought to keep you
From meeting me here?

For the same thing that l love
That I anticipate
Will one day take you from me
And that storm I'll berate

But of this we don't know now
And you will never see
As we lie in the aftermath
Of the storm, you and me.

©By Voo
June 12, 2017
5:22  p.m.

Written just now
as I listen to the thunder rolling in
and to the first raindrops fall

As The Thunder Rolls guitar instrumental