Monday, March 6, 2017


Breathe On Me

Breathe on me

In me,
For me,
Because of me,
In spite of me,
Despiting me,
For love of me
Or like of me,
Just breathe on me
Give life to me.

For I am crushed

Like trampled roses
Like tangled moss
And battered moths
Descending to 
Discarded gardens
Like rain
That has no where to fall.

Breathe on me

This broken bird,
This haunted flower,
This dying sun
I am but yours
As stars, the sky
As moon, the magic
As life, the death.

Breathe on me

Resuscitate me,
For I have plunged
To darkest depths
To deepest dark
From highest heights
Breathe on me
For I have crept
Where heartache slept
And despair lives.

In your eyes,

Your darkened eyes
My life and light
Lie hidden there
And yet you wait
And yet you sigh
And watch me die
In hesitation
Do you not know?
Can you not see?
The we inside
The you and me?

Reach forth your hand

And teach my hand
Teach my soul
To fly again
Teach my mind 
To think past pain
My heart to blossom
There in your rain
Teach my mouth
To smile in storm
To pull the coldness
From the warm.

Dance with me

To this, my song,
For night is long
And dawn has fled
Feel the lightning
In my touch
The sweetness sleeping
In my bed
Taste with me
The wine and wonder
And all the treasures
That love bestows.

Walk with me

And run with me
Out in the meadows,
Upon the sea
Touch the clouds
The silver sky,
All that's tarnished, 
Lift your face
And look at me
Let your eyes see
What I see.

I need your breath

I need your voice
I need your hunger
I have no choice
I need your arms
I need your kiss
I need your shadow
In morning mist
I need to burn
In midnight's flame
The way your lips
Caress my name.

Breathe on me

Above, beside me,
Without, within me,
Instead, inside me
Breathe on me
Breathe for me,
Breathe, breathe,
My love with me
For love of me
For love of me
My love, my breath,
For love of me.

©by Voo

July 18, 2012
11:06 p.m.