Tuesday, March 7, 2017


It's Raining Again

It's raining again
The sky is crying
The night is falling down

The clouds are full
And they're releasing
The darkness so full of sound

It's raining again
The grass is wet
It's cool upon my feet

The lightning hits
Close to me now
And I'm running across the street

All day, the sun
Has held me tight
Within it's fiery hands

And now, the night
Has just shown up
And it has other plans

It's raining again
The air is electric
My lungs feel fresh and new

The day has been great
But that old news can wait
Cause now all I can think of is you

It's raining again
You know what that means
Boy, you better hurry home

You and me, baby 
Got some night work to do 
You know how that rain turns me on.

©by Voo
May 12, 11
10:50 p.m.