Saturday, August 20, 2016


Sitting in Silence Together

Sitting in silence together
We shared our aching hearts
She with her unanswered qurestions
And me, knowing not how to start.

I wanted to comfort and love her
And she needed comfort and love
But I knew that what she was needing
Could only be sent from above.

I prayed to be His willing vessel
His hands and His feet on this Earth
But how do you speak to the grieving
Who'd lost what she'd found at that birth?

I searched for correct words to give her
I fumbled for just the right touch
I just needed to make her feel better
But my human words didn't help much.

And then I heard the Lord say to me:
Just be and I will do
Just let her know she's not alone
And I will work through you.

And so I sat there, silent
And let HIm speak through me
Let Him touch her like I could not
And see what she only could see.

Sometimes it's best to do nothing
Sometimes it's good to be quiet
Sometimes just to be present is loving
And shines like the sun in the night.

And so we sat in the silence
Grieving and asking our whys
And though I had no counsel to give her
She thanked me with love in her eyes.

 by Voo
just now 10:25 p.m.
Oct 8, 2013