Saturday, February 11, 2017


A Million Miles

Last night I drove a million miles
And kept my mind on you
Seeing no scenes off the road
As darkness took the blue.

Feeling like a hungry man
With nothing left to eat
The car wheels seemed to turn so slow
And couldn't match my feet.

I wanted to get out and run
I wanted to get home
To take you in my loving arms
And be with you alone.

But miles and miles lay in between
With miles and miles to go
And I sang softly to our songs
On the radio.

I guess I never realized
How much a heart can break
Until I ran away from love
And the depth that love can take.

When your voice on the telephone
Asked me to come back
I had to get my crazy self
On the homeward track.

The night skies sang above my head
The moon held out her hand
And all I knew was I was yours
And a new and better man.

I saw your face in the headlights glow
I heard your laughter ring
I passed through town and country side
And didn't see a thing.

For loving you was all I sought
And all my soul could bear
Needing you to be needing me
And to see you standing there.

Forgiveness is not so hard to ask
When the shards of pride no longer
Pierce the flesh of stubborness
It only makes you stronger.

But I have learned and I have grown
And I have come to see
That only God and your sweet love
Can set this grown man free.

I'm pulling into our drive way
And it is almost dark
I see the glow behind the drapes
From the scented candles' sparks.

I hear the song we always danced
To on those special nights 
Throw open the door with a heart determined
To change all the wrongs to rights.

And there you are, with no questions asked
No if, or and, or maybe
And a million miles just fade away
And I'm dancing with my baby.

©by Voo
April 02, 2012
2:54 a.m.

                                       DANCING WITH MY BABY BY THE 
                                                    GREAT JOHNNY REID.............